Teatro Adolfo Mejia

Constructed on the ruins of Iglesia Merced in 1625, Teatro Adolfo Mejia was built to celebrate the first centenary of the Colombian Republic in 1911. Notably, it was designed and built by the same architect who conceived the equally splendid Clocktower. Originally named “Teatro Municipal”, the theatre was renamed El Teatro Heredia in 1933 but has become collectively known as Teatro Adolfo Mejia after the famous Colombian composer and musician of the same name.

Between 1988 and 1998, the theatre was closed for a full renovation, restoring it to its pristine original beauty. The theatre is stunningly outfitted and features, on the ceiling, a glorious fresco painted by Cartagena’s most renowned artist, Enrique Grau, depicting the dance of the nine muses of the arts.

With a capacity of 650, the theatre is a regular host to most of the city’s classical music concerts, film premiers, literary readings and theatre troupes.

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