Cartagena Nightlife is quite lively. From sultry salsa sounds to hip hop, electro and reggaeton (a kind of hip hop-miami bass hybrid), the abundant nightclubs of Cartagena attract hordes of locals and tourists every night of the week. For those who like their nights a little more laid back, there is plenty of opportunity to relax with a meal and a drink, and take in some live music. Dancing is a big part of Cartagena nightlife, so visitors who know a few salsa steps will have plenty of opportunity to strut their stuff. Don’t worry if you have two left feet, however – just sitting back and watching the famously attractive locals light up the dancefloor is worth the entrance fee.
Nightclubs in Cartagena, The greatest concentration of nightclubs and bars in Cartagena can be found in and around the city’s historic center. The neighborhood of Getsemani, which also boasts some good value accommodations, is packed with lively nightspots – particularly along Calle del Arsenal. The strip opposite the clock tower within the walled historic center is also busy. Most clubs will charge a cover of around US$10 – which will often include a couple of drinks. For some good live salsa, La Carbonera, on Calle del Arsenal, is a popular choice. Trendy young locals flock to Cafe del Mar, on Calle Estribos, while an older crowd heads to Bar Comarca, at Calle Santo Domingo 2-38.
Cartagena Bars.At night,the walled city absolutely transforms from a picturesque, historical village to a moving, writhing serpent.
If you’re looking to beat the crowds and maybe check out the scene a little beforehand, go in the early evening, just after dusk.
If you’re already familiar with the layout and you just want to get your groove on, things are usually start to kick off around 11pm and are in full swing by midnight.