Best Cartagena Tours and Day Trips

Explore the city like a local, take city tours or boat tours. Skip the line at major attractions

Cartagena is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Nestled in a bay on the Caribbean coast, Cartagena became the principal South American trading port in the 18th century, and is now internationally renowned – for the historical centre that won the city UNESCO World Heritage status, and for the incredible tranquility and natural paradises of the nearby Rosario Islands. 

As one of the safest cities in the country, it’s no wonder Cartagena has become a popular stop on any Colombia tour. We know the city like the back of our hands and our expert team can help you find the best Cartagena day trips and activities. 

Adventure Awaits

If you do one thing in Cartagena, take a boat tour – there’s an option for everyone! Go for a sunset catamaran around the bay, take a trip to a party island, go snorkeling in hidden bays get up close to nature on a tour of the mangroves, or find a beach for whatever vibe you crave.  

Make sure to take some time to explore on land too. The city is perfect to explore by bike, if you want to see the neighbourhoods around the bay, then walk the walls at sunset.  For the most unusual experience we know, take a bath in the mud volcano, El Totumo! Bask in the healing mud, have your photo taken, and wash yourself off in the nearby Manzanillo del Mar Lake.

Private Tours with Cartagena Locals

If you’re historically-minded, what you want is a private city tour. Cartagena is rich with street art, gorgeous architecture, and important landmarks. Make sure to bring your camera, because we’ll take you to some incredible places like the ancient tunnels under San Felipe Castle, Getsemani for street food and locals and the wild bird sanctuary. Cartagena private tours are scheduled at the time you want and travel at your place. Best Tours in Cartagena

If you want to spend a day lounging or dancing in Tierra Bomba and are struggling to choose where, rather than touring from the beach to the swimming site to the beach again, Éteka Beach Club day trip is a great option...

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Find a complete privacy and a unique beach experience with Cartagena pool party. Live an extraordinary event that will be unforgettable, the perfect spot for a nightime pool party!

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Enjoy ATV buggy tour a thrilling ride across the tropical island of Tierra Bomba. See everything the island has to offer, from the beautiful turquoise waters to the local..

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Should you wish to book a trip to Bora Bora Beach Club, get in touch with our concierge booking service.  We can help to organise transfers, day passes, VIP tickets and any..

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Fenix Beach Club has fast become one of the most respected beach clubs on the island of Tierra Bomba, with a laidback but cared-for vibe that means you can relax, because..

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Paragliding is the latest experience to reach this magical city and it is undoubtedly one of the coolest ways to see it.

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Ever wish you could recreate all the wonderful dishes you try abroad, at home in your own kitchen? Well, now you can.

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If you are a lover of all things weird and wonderful and aren’t averse to putting strange things in your mouth (er, we’re talking about food), this tour is the one for you.

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Come with us on an historical, three hour walking tour of the Walled city of Cartagena de Indias. We’ll take you through the most prominent locations..

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Enjoy a class of Yoga out in the open air or at your place. Our instructor will come to your accommodation (if you are staying in the Walled city, Bocagrande, Laguito or Manga)

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If you’ve ever found yourself singing along to this song, wondering what life on the high seas was like for Blackbeard and all his pirate friends, then you’re in the right place.

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With Hi Cartagena’s Barhopper Tour, we can guarantee you will be taken to the best joints in town by one of our charming bilingual concierges..

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