cartagena bachelor party

Private Bachelor Party in Cartagena

Want a private Cartagena Bachelor Party? Party like a Colombian! Enjoy yourself and show it. Mingle with your guests, family and friends. It is a Cartagena party after all, so make it a memorable one. Have fun in your incredible private mansion pool. Hire the best DJ in the city and dance to Cartagena melodies.

Your arrival in Colombia is the beginning of partying and adventure. At Hi-Cartagena, we are here specifically for you. We specialize in private pool parties, private birthday parties, private island parties, private gradation parties as well as bachelor/bachelorette parties. For example, a private Cartagena Bachelor Party includes everything. Whether it be personal attention, food and drink, entertainment, or private accommodations, we have everything you need to feel like a VIP and enjoy your stay in Cartagena. Our staff is with you always: from the moment of arrival to the unhappy moment of departure.


Private Island party

Feel the magical experience of Cartagena adventure by visiting the famous Rosario Island. Is it your birthday, graduation or bachelor party? Make the best out of it with Hi-Cartagena. Make your stay complete by hiring a yacht. Arrange a yacht party with Hi-Cartagena. Have fun on the fresh waters of this beautiful Island. Party in style as you enjoy the special meals drinks prepared for you, your family and closest friends.
At Hi- Cartagena we have got a private paradise made just for you. Relax on the beach and enjoy a private time. Our stuffs are always with you in case you need anything. Experience the calmness of the ocean waves with your family.
Hold private night party and the hire the best DJ enjoy with your friends, hotties from our motherland and spice it up with variety of drinks and meals.

Pool party

If you love your privacy, a private party is the best party for you with your friends. Make you birthday, graduation or bachelor party a lifetime experience. A private Cartagena pool party includes everything you need and desire.

Rent a color colonial mansion and let us arrange a pool party for you and your friend. Utilize the privileges that come with that mansion. Hire the best DJ in Cartagena and dance to our unique melodies. Live in style, party in style and swim in style, only in Cartagena with Hi-Cartagena experts.

Bachelor/Bachelorette party

Are you looking for the best place to say goodbye to the single life before tying the knot? Cartagena is the destination you need. Stay in bachelor/bachelorette style at Cartagena. Explore the colorful streets of Cartagena and make arrangement with Hi-Cartagena for a private party organized in style just for you.
With Hi-Cartagena quality services is guarantee. Contact us and everything will be organized, and we mean everything: the venue, chefs, DJ, food and drinks, hotties and attractive young men. Party like never before.

BBQ party

Taste the delicious meals of Colombian, the meals are of quantity and quality. Host your BBQ party in Caribbean style. Taste the tastiest meats in the city such as spicy chorizos, Angus beef and world class sausages. Enjoy the most delicious meals with your family and friends.

You don’t need to worry about your BBQ party arrangements. At Hi-Cartagena we have a number of professional master chefs. We can offer incredible spots to conduct your party; may it be a yacht or a private Island.
Arrange a meeting with our master chefs to ensure your family or guests are fully satisfied. Our chiefs are specialist in whatever you want ranging from smoked ribs, marinated, pig-roasts, name it! Everything you need will be available for you. We are to here to ensure you get everything you need when you want it.

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