Best Restaurants in Cartagena

Read on for the highlights of Cartagena restaurants, food, and drinks ..

Cartagena is full of great restaurants with many new restaurants popping up every week all over the city. Here at Hi Cartagena, we know that making dinner reservations are just one more thing you don’t want to worry about while on vacation so we are here to relieve you from the added stress of booking tables in Cartagena.

Our city concierge’s iPhone is packed with restaurant contacts and we can easily book your table for you. Tell us where you want to go, how many people are in your party and roughly what time you would like to eat and we will contact the restaurant and make all the arrangements. Maybe you have special dietary requests or want to reserve a chef’s table or private room for a party or event…we can do all that for you.

We can even give you personal restaurant recommendations depending on what kind of food you are in the mood for. We are highly connected with Cartagena’s dining world and here to help you out.

We have also invested in the luxury of dining in some of Cartagena’s top restaurants and have summed up our personal experience at each and every one of them to help you make the right decision when it comes to deciding on where to eat.

Look through our expansive list of restaurants ranging from fine-dining to low budget options. Cartagena is known for its excellent seafood and has an abundance of seafood restaurants throughout the city. Maybe you like a little International flair in your diet.

Cartagena has a wide variety of international food restaurants including tons of Italian restaurants, a good amount of Peruvian restaurants, Sushi and Asian influenced spots and other American favourites such as Argentinian steakhouses, Venezuelan joints as well as typical American comfort food. You also can’t forget to check out the traditional Colombian cuisine as it is really starting to make a stand in the food world.

Contact our city concierge to make all your table booking in Cartagena and stop worrying about whether or not you will be able to understand the fast-speaking costeños on the phone or if your Spanish is sufficient enough to even make a proper reservation.

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Erase un Café

Nestled in a colonial house on a quiet street off Parque Fernández de Madrid, Erase un Café is a place for afternoon tea, Colombian-style! 

Buena Vida

One of the trendiest new restaurants in Cartagena, this upbeat and innovative venue is summed up by the words cool, creative and contemporary chic.

alma restaurant

If you’re looking for fine dining and a romantic evening, make sure to book in advance at Alma (we can help you with that).

La Fontana

After a day at the beach in Bocagrande, La Fontana is a great spot for a relaxed, authentic and excellent Italian dinner

Doña Lola

Dress to impress and make sure to book ahead for this beautifully formal, yet welcoming dining room.

Mar de Antillas

Follow the little fish on Calle Larga into a beautiful courtyard set back from the street and you’ll find local seafood spot, Mar de Antillas.


Candé aims to deliver its guests an unforgettable experience with a chance to enjoy Cartagena with all your senses.

Club de Pesca

Founded in 1956, it is one of the most traditional and famous restaurants in the city. Its historical and marine environment is characterized by its location within the Bay of Cartagena.

Collage Charladero

Collage is located just around the corner from the Clock Tower entrance to Cartagena’s old town and is basically hipster heaven.


Peruvian cuisine in the world came to Cartagena to Cuzco , a restaurant that allows visitors transported to the South American country proving their exotic cuisine .


Delicious food, great ambiance, super friendly staff.. these are the hallmarks of excellence.

Don Juan

Local food celebrity, Chef Juan Felipe Camacho and his equally talented designer wife, Maria have paired up to bring Cartagena the upscale dining experience it deserves to have.