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Totumo Mud Volcano

totumo mud volcano is essentially hot spring water combined with volcanic ash which has been pushed up through the earth creating a mound of thick, warm mud.  Mud baths have existed for thousands of years and the top spas around the world all offer various related treatments. Many people believe the ash mud is full of incredible healing properties. Whether you believe that or not, floating in a pool of thick, warm mud is a fantastic experience and it makes your skin feel great!

The Totumo Mud Volcano, located about 30 minutes outside the city, is a 50 foot high mound of naturally warm mud with a pool area built into the top.  For only $45 USD, we will take you in shared transport at around and between 8:00am and 8:30am depending on your location, to the Mud Volcano, where, together with your friends, you’ll receive massages while basking in the mud. But watch out you don’t fall asleep – it’s that relaxing! After the totumo Mud Volcano bath, and after having your photo taken, you’ll be led by the local women to nearby Manzanillo del Mar Lake (a minute away) to wash it all off.

Our second stop would be the Salinas de Galerazamba, feel the warmth as enter inside the saline water, not for get a bath! Be inspired  by the rhythm of the waves in pink sea. After a totumo mud volcano take a look around this interesting small town located on northern tip of Bolívar, only 10 minutes from totumo. Las Salinas are located in Galerazamba where the iconic India Catalina was born. The surreal pink color of its water is due to the presence of a certain species of brine shrimp called Artemia Salina which is capable to survive in the most hostile environments with high salt concentration. You can encounter this marvel for only six months of the year so it’s quite an opportunity to visit it! From january to may-june the sea is not that pink as you can see on the pictures, its a pale pink. Take a stunning pictures and get in touch with native traditions. The final stop is a lunch. You come back to the city renewed.


(High Season pricing 65USD per person Share Tour, 20 Dec to 10 Jan), based on a group of minimum two people


What's Included

  • Transport
  • Volcano entrance
  • Lunch at la Boquilla
  • Authorized Beach
  • Water bottle
  • Bilingual Guide
  • Stop on Galerazamba
  • Start time: 8:00am - end time: 04:00pm


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