Private City Concierge - Cartagena

Private City Concierge

Concierge in Cartagena. One of our most solicited services and part of our standard, gold and platinum packages is our concierge service. With this service we provide you with a host that will cater to your every need, making sure that you have a excelente stay in Cartagena. Your concierge will not only make sure everything is set up in time but will also make sure that you don’t get yourself into any trouble, that the group is together at all times, set up cabs, provide translation services and recommend the best places and activities at any given moment.

Full-time Concierge: 150USD per day

The first option is our full-time concierge which is reserved for guests that don’t want to lift a finger more than necessary, and why should them, they’re on vacation! Give us a call and with this service we’ll have your group’s entire itinerary planned, making sure you’ll hit every must do/see on our activities list. They can help you find your way through the city and help you make reservations or do all the shopping. With this service, the concierge person assigned will go with you during the day on the various tours you’ll book with us making sure everything runs smoothly and that you’re treated the way you deserve and even more.

(High Season pricing 190USD per person, 15 Dec to 8 Jan)

Part-time Concierge: 90USD per day

The second of our concierge services is our part-tifme option which is perfect for groups that have some part of the day pretty much booked already. Maybe you have a dinner or something in the evening and want somebody the help you during the day to set up the pool party and bring everything you need. Or if you’re here on a business trip and have work to do during the day, the part-time service is perfect because it means that one of our hosts are taking the group out on nighttime excursions. Be it bars, nightclubs or gentleman clubs, our host will show you the side of the city that only can be seen when the sun sets.

(High Season pricing 125USD per day, 15 Dec to 8 Jan)

Private City Concierge:  Call: +57 3145948838

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