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We accept credit / debit card payments in dollars or Colombian pesos.


One of our most solicited services and part of our standard, gold and platinum packages is our concierge service. With this service we provide you with a host that will cater to your every need, making sure that you have an excellent stay in Cartagena. Your concierge will not only make sure everything is set up in time but will also make sure that you don’t get yourself into any trouble, that the group is together at all times, wedding/event parties, set up cabs, provide translation services and recommend the best places and activities at any given moment. Best Concierge Services at Hi Cartagena Travel  to make your wishes come true. (Chef, a masseuse, a bodyguard, boat captains, DJs), and getting your group the VIP access to ensure you have the best vacation. Our concierge can help you find your way through the city and help you make reservations or do all the shopping. With this service, the concierge person assigned will go with you during the day on the various tours you’ll book with us making sure everything runs smoothly and that you’re treated the way you deserve and even more. Be it bars, nightclubs or gentleman clubs, our host will show you the side of the city that only can be seen when the sun sets. When you book a place to stay with us, we include you a concierge services and much more..

What's Included

  • Personal Bilingue Concierge
  • Arranging transportation services
  • Recommending and making restaurant and hotel reservations
  • Planning itineraries and making travel arrangements
  • Running errands such as grocery shopping

Our  club concierge is a professional who provides personalized services to guests staying in a club, often within a luxury villa. We handle guest complaints, conduct guest registrations and departures, and provide excellent hospitality services. Night private concierge services for cost of 160 USD for groups of 15 people.


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