Hi Cartagena is a Travel Agency and travel concierge firm focusing on full-service tours, experiences to include Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Services in and around Cartagena de Indias in Northern Colombia. We at Hi Cartagena offer staffed charters of yachts and luxury vehicles, as well as arrange end-to-end tours, trips and big events. Our clientele comes from a wide array of locations around the world.

As the party capital of South America, Cartagena, is one of the most sought after destinations in the continent! To make sure that you have a fantastic time here, we provide you with a plethora of experiences tailor-made to suit your taste. Whether it’s just you with your friends or maybe you and a 1000 others, we are equipped to host an unforgettable bash – just give us a call and tell us your fantasy and we’ll make it a reality!

There are many tour companies here in Cartagena, but none of them come close to offering the high-end service and quality that we deliver at Hi Cartagena. Our clients are our ambassadors; from the moment you contact us, we’ll hook you up with a private concierge who will assist you and make sure that your stay in our beautiful Cartagena la fantastica, is an experience to be cherished forever.

Once you experience Cartagena with Hi Cartagena you will never be the same – if you aren’t from here, you’ll want to be!

Our mission is to design the best travel proposal for each client and exceed all expectations as a tour operator in Cartagena with 6 years of experience organizing all kinds of trips and experiences in multiple areas of activity. We have a permanent team and a large network of multilingual collaborators, with great experience, international character and customer service.

We are also an issuing travel agency, belonging to the South America group, which allows us to have the best arrangements with both domestic and foreign suppliers.

We offer (and it’s the basis of our agency) receptive services, being pioneers in the promotion of Colombia as an emerging tourist destination, by organizing tourist circuits for restless clients in search of new destinations, or exclusive programs for incentive groups, family vacation, conferences, events, and different types of meetings.

Welcome to Cartagena Providence Headquarters!



Rob Battle

Founder & Managing Director

Kate Battle

Founder & Marketing Director

Dhruv Ghildiyal

Sales Executive & Marketing

Chris Peña


Gloria Giraldo

Ivan Jimenez

Ivan Jimenez

Assistant Manager


City Concierge

Charlyn Tovar Henao

Quality Management

Angie Montoya

Sales Assistant


Centro, Plaza de la Aduana, Edificio Andian, Office 608

Cartagena, Colombia

Phone: +57(5) 664 3123

                            General Enquiries: info@hicartagena.com

                                  Tours and Boats: reservation@hicartagena.com

                                        Wedinng Planner: events@hicartagena.com

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