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 This Is Cartagena,  it’s a paradise on earth and at Hi Cartagena Travel, we offer tons of the best places to visit and see, to help you enjoy it to the fullest. 

Welcome to our Cartagena city guides,  VIP travel services where we’ll go through all the best things to do in Cartagena, Colombia.

best restaurants

Food & Drinks

Explore Cartagena’s best Restaurants, traditional Colombian and Caribbean flavors with Peruvian, Italian, Spanish, and Asian influences – making for an ever-evolving gastronomical scene that keeps local chefs on their toes.

wedding planner

Every year, hundreds of couples come to Cartagena on Colombia’s Caribbean coast to get married and there are no doubts why, it’s romantic & unique. Nowhere else in the world will you find such a beautiful city, with streets lined with colonial houses with wooden balconies just overflowing with flowers, cute squares where you can drink a coffee or listen to live music, luxurious 16th Century churches, and all of this right next to the Caribbean Sea with its white-sand beaches and tropical islands.

best wedding planner
bachelorette party

Hi Bachelorette Make your vacation extra special by having professional service staff on hand to attend to all your needs. Hi Cartagena will hook you up with private chefs, personal bartenders or even a DJ to make sure the party never stops. Hi Cartagena can also provide you with a private shopper to do all your shopping and errands so you and your girls have more time to relax and enjoy the glorious city..

Visiting Cartagena? We provide the best Cartagena Bachelor Party solutions. Hi Cartagena aims to please even the most distinctive of tastes. Budget is never an issue because we understand the need to have the best Bachelor Party sometimes can’t be defined by money. We offer packages to suit any need and will think of everything to keep your focus on what’s important, your Bachelor Party. We’ll help you with any Cartagena accommodation, from boat yacht rentals and transportation to clubs and restaurant reservations, we’ve got you covered..

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