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Colonial House Venues

Absolutely! Getting married in a private colonial house in Cartagena can create a truly enchanting and intimate atmosphere for your special day. The city is renowned for its beautifully preserved colonial architecture, and there are several private colonial houses available for hosting weddings. These houses often boast elegant interiors, picturesque courtyards, lush gardens, and even charming pool areas, providing an idyllic backdrop for your wedding ceremony and celebrations. By choosing a private colonial house as your wedding venue, you can enjoy a sense of exclusivity and privacy, creating an intimate ambiance for you and your guests. The historic charm and unique architectural features of these houses add a touch of romance and grandeur to your wedding day. Furthermore, these colonial houses can also be an ideal setting for pre or post-wedding brunch events.

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Church Venues

Having your wedding ceremony in one of the beautiful churches in Cartagena can be a meaningful and traditional choice. The city is home to several stunning churches, each with its own historical and architectural significance. When planning a wedding ceremony in the Church of Cartagena, it is indeed advisable to coordinate with the church authorities, and also we can assist you as a wedding planners with the necessary arrangements, Hi Cartagena team have the expertise and contacts to help you secure the date and time for your ceremony, provide information on specific requirements and guidelines, and handle any logistical details involved.

Wedding on the beach

Beach Venues

Cartagena offers stunning beach venues in various locations, including nearby islands and coastal areas. Tierra Bomba Island, Rosario Islands and Baru. When considering a beach venue, keep in mind that transportation logistics may be required to reach the islands or coastal areas. Water taxis or private boats are commonly used to transport guests to these locations. Additionally, make sure to consider factors such as weather, tides, and accessibility when planning a beach wedding. Consider renting a beach villa or bungalow for your guests to stay and ensuring there are suitable facilities and amenities for the comfort of your wedding party. We can help to get the most up-to-date information about availability, packages, and specific offerings for beach weddings in Cartagena.

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