Wedding Destination

Nestled next to the Caribbean Ocean, you will find a city steeped in rich history and as lively as any place on a given night. Cartagena, Colombia, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, has recently sky-rocketed to one of the top destinations in the world with its ancient history composed of various cultures and places. From the cobble-stoned plazas, brightly colored colonial-style homes, and an extensive fortification, the Walled City takes you back to a different era in time. Get lost in the narrow streets as you explore and be sure to pay attention to the famous doors that locals take much pride in, as well as the balconies lined with flowers and foliage. An absolute must is indulging in some unique fresh fruit from one of the local street sellers to help keep cool during the hot Cartagena afternoons. HiCartagena knows every inch of this wonderful city, so why not put all your stress and worries on us to help plan the perfect wedding. Whether you want the special day in one of the famous churches inside the Walled City, a colonial home, or one of the many squares around the city, we can make it happen. We cater to any and all needs and have an extensive client list to not only plan the wedding of your dreams, but keep your friends and family entertained for the entirety of your stay.

HiCartagena has our own hand-picked boats that are able to take you and your entire guest list to a number of the islands around the city, which includes the ultra popular Cholon Island where people from every corner of the world go to party for the day. We also offer an all-day Party Catamaran where you take sail in the Caribbean Ocean and are taken care of by a experienced Captain and crew. Take in the sunset at the famous Café del Mar where we can book the entire place for you and your guests, accompanied with a private DJ and VIP services all around the city. Also offered from HiCartagena is a number of walking tours and bike tours. We take you all around the city and show you only the best in Cartagena history. Our properties are excellent for large numbers of guests, and let you experience the refurbished colonial homes inside the city, most featuring a private pool for your convenience. We can arrange a private chef to come in and make world-class dishes of only the finest local ingredients. We are also able to take care of any reservations for the finest restaurants around town. Cartagena is coming into its own in the restaurant industry, and we know all the best places for any type of cuisine. Airport pick-ups from Rafael Nuñes International Airport and take passengers directly to the city can also be arranged with us. All of this is at an incredibly reasonable price and well worth it to help plan the happiest day of your life.

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