Cartagena Watersports

Almost surrounded by crystal clear, turquoise water, Cartagena is the watersports mecca.  Check out some of our more popular activities below…

There are so many fun and enjoyable activities to do in Cartagena, on and around the water it can be difficult to make a single choice as the best way to spend a day of fun on the water.  Every type of water sports activity you could choose is an excellent and healthy way to spend time outside and get in some high quality exercise in the process.

Watersports can take many different forms with many different types of equipment, or no equipment at all depending on your preferences. One of the biggest divisions in the mix of available water-based pastimes, hobbies and sports is whether or not your equipment will be powered exclusively by your own body, or if you’ll want to harness the power of the wind or even a gas-powered motor. 

Although boating and swimming are both water-related activities, they are miles apart when it comes to the way they are approached. Boating requires a boat, whether it’s just a canoe or Jet Ski or a day spent fishing on a big powerboat. Boating is also often required to get to the places where you want to play, especially underwater where scuba gear is employed. But if you just want to swim, snorkel or surf the waves on a board, your own body will provide most of the power for low to no cost. Explore watersports in Cartagena, Colombia with Hi Cartagena travel experts.

Caribbean Watersports Activities

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