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Whether planning a Cartagena wedding, gambling at one of the casinos, or relaxing on a golf green, sometimes you just have to treat yourself. Our expert team at Hi Cartagena understands and caters to all your needs, with thousands of clients returning home already wishing to return back to the beauty and excitement of our city.

There are a million epic adventures to embark on when you visit Cartagena! With sporting events, romance, history, or just plain relaxing, the possibilities are endless! At the seat of the Caribbean coastline, declared a UNESCO World Heritage site, and crowned the city of eternal romance, there could be only one place perfect enough to host the ideal wedding: Cartagena. Lovestruck couples from all around the world travel to celebrate their special day in this beautiful city famous for sunsets, floral facades of old colonial buildings, and horse-drawn carriages trotting down the cobblestone streets. Nothing says romantic quite like getting down on one knee and popping the question on a rooftop terrace with the dome of the Cathedral of San Pedro in the backdrop. When you have a Cartagena wedding, you have a dream wedding.


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  • Whether you want to spend a lazy day putting on the green or really work on your drives, it’s time to grab your clubs and get ready to tee off because Hi Cartagena golf packages are a can’t miss!
  • Wind down with a massage! Cartagena, Colombia boasts professional masseuses specializing in everything from regular relaxing massages, Swedish, deep tissue, lymphatic drainage, romantic couples’ massages, and more.
  • Ensure your holiday photos show off your pearly whites by visiting a Colombian dentist while you’re in Cartagena! With many dentists specializing in implants, veneers, crowns, and whitening and bleaching, no problem can’t be fixed here.
  • Colombia fishing offers unique, marvelous opportunities that go unmatched. Whether you’re an expert angler or a weekend warrior, our team at Hi Cartagena can help you build a fishing trip to suit your skill and tastes perfectly.

Our mission is to exceed expectations by devoting our undivided attention to all the details of your holiday. We have excellent connections with the best hotels, spas, and salons in town. Feeling like a very important person? We even have special access to some of the finest personal chefs, concierges, musicians; you name it and we will be more than happy to assist. Just give us your bucket list and we’ll make sure you have the time of your life as you strike off each activity. We here at Hi Cartagena have cultivated a reputation as being the first-rate tour and expedition experts with unparalleled customer service to boot.

Your Cartagena concierge is awaiting your call. Start planning your dream vacation by giving us a call at +57 314 594 8838 or by emailing us at

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We've all been there, a few days on holiday living it up. Lot's of eating out, lots of booze, lots of relaxing on the beach or by the pool. After a few days that swimsuit begins to feel a little tight and everything starts looking a...


Bar Services Hi Cartagena's brings to your doorstep a service like never before. Perosnal bar services Cartagena will offer you coffee bars, mobile bars with special themes. Bartenders that makes delicious cocktails, concierge, waiters, transportation and event planning. As you can see we can cover...


Description Whether you consider yourself a poker pro, a Blackjack master or just someone who likes to play for fun, HiCartagena has everything you need to turn your temporaryhome in the city into a glamorous Casino. We have all the resources on hand to transport...


Cigar and Rum Tasting The super interesting Cigar and Rum tasting experience is one that has to be ticked-off from your bucket list. A colonial villa in the caribbean part of Colombia, you could not get a better setting than this. In the typically masculine…


Maybe you’re a seasoned golf pro or probably just someone looking to have a lazy day, enjoying the weather and shooting the breeze with your friends.  How about a day on the green?  With Hi-Cartagena, we’ve got you covered.  Check out our most common golf…


Have you ever fancied seeing your favourite places from a bird’s view? Hi Cartagena has exactly what you are looking for with our Helicopter tours. CARTAGENA FROM ABOVECORAL MAGICISLAND MAGICCUIDAD PERDIDASIERRA NEVADAKOGI COMMUNITYDON DIEGO RIVER CARTAGENA FROM ABOVE Think for a second how how beautiful...


Have you ever imagined it what it would be like to have a top chef cook for you – in your own house? Well here at Hi Cartagena we can make that reality! Fantastic for occasions when you don’t have time to do it yourself…


Comfort ,Convenience, Flexibility Breeze thru the airport within a few minutes of departure, board the plane and prepare for take off. It's that easy. In an age where flying commercially is akin to traveling like a herd of cattle on a semi trailer, private jets...


Concierge in Cartagena. One of our most solicited services and part of our standard, gold and platinum packages is our concierge service. With this service we provide you with a host that will cater to your every need, making sure that you have a excelente...


PRIVATE MASSAGE Easily one of the best things you can do for your body, a private massage is a must-do activity after a long week.  Also, if you're planning a night on the town, a relaxing massage can limber you up and really get you...


So Spa in the Sofitel Hotel, offers an experience in relaxation, unmatched in quality.  With eight professional treatment rooms, a fully equipped gym, a cozy, pleasant tea area and a bright, refreshing solarium So Spa offers a sanctuary of relaxation for the body and soul. ...


TABLE SERVICE CARTAGENA It's quite a task to get a table in one of the most sought after nightclubs in Cartagena. And specially on weekends, the situtation doesn't help much.  But with Hi Cartagena you get table service in the most exclusive clubs in town....


Wedding Destination Cartagena Cartagena, a city located in the exotic Caribbean sea, famous for it's rich history, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and crowned the city of eternal romance... Maybe it's the floral facades of the colonial buildings, its sparkling swimming pools and lush...


Cartagena Yoga Class Enjoy a class of Yoga out in the open air or at your place. Our instructor will come to your accommodation (hotel, airbnb or apartment etc) or take you to a nice place out in the open where you can get in...

Sport Fishing

SPORT FISHINGOUR EQUIPMENTWHAT DO WE CATCH? There’s nothing quite like the feeling of a nibble. Everyone who’s ever fished and caught something knows that feeling – that point when suddenly, anything is possible! Come fishing with Hi Cartagena and relive the nibble – on a...

Dental Care in Cartagena

Professional dentist with more than 18 years of experience. Centrally located. Premier materials for long durability. . . Dentists Services Welcome to Colombia, here at the Caribbean Sea Hi Cartagena can offer you a vacation that you'll never forget! Cartagena fills us with reasons to smile:...

Cartagena Wedding Planner


Hi Production Cartagena

Hi Production Video- & Photography Let’s be honest, a picture with the cellphone (especially the selfie camera) isn't enough to capture an important moment. Even if you think so we both know how much better a professional will do the job, not to mention the...

Executive Protection

EXECUTIVE PROTECTIONCOURSES EXECUTIVE PROTECTION The Most Qualified Security Experts in Colombia At Your Disposal. In addition to armored vehicles, Hi Cartagena also offers professional security services to distinguished clientele throughout the world. Hi Cartagena contracts some of the world's best experts to keep you and...

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Our team has been picked to provide you with all the best of things to see and do. We know Cartagena like the back of our hand and are here to offer you whatever you can imagine. We provide anything from customized tours and extravagant parties to the best accommodations and places to eat and drink in Cartagena.
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