This is The Ultimate Cartagena Bachelor Party

It’s your friend’s last night of freedom before jumping off the cliff into marriage… You NEED to make sure he has a blast! You could hire a stripper or maybe go to a club if you want to do it the usual way. Or…

How about kicking it into overdrive with a bachelor party in paradise… in Cartagena. Just 3 hours south from NYC, JetBlue offers super cheap flights, flying out daily so you and your friends can kick it up Caribbean style. Depending on your budget, we have tons of wicked options to give you the best experience ever.

The biggest milestones for a man nowadays are losing his virginity, his 21st birthday and his Bachelor party! Most will say it´s their wedding day but what we’re for is the Bachelor party. Every man’s Bachelor party is a rite of passage. We all have such great aspirations and a longing to have the most memorable and wild Bachelor party to hold on to through the more serious and responsible part of life. It´s the last hurrah of a bachelor to show his crew that even though he’s getting married, he’s still a lad at heart, down for anything and ready to ride or die with his mates.

For some clients, we’ve held full-scale bachelor parties out in the by with DJs, professional chefs, jet skis and even a helicopter! For others, we’ve hosted midnight BBQs on deserted islands close to Cartagena.

We are here to take care of everything from booking your accommodations to making sure you never run out of booze. Our services include airport transportation, accommodation rentals, party/event planning, organized city tours and experiences, yacht charters, and our very special city concierge service which is available 24/7 and in place to make sure you get what you want, when you want it. You won’t have to lift a finger if you choose to book with Hi Cartagena.

Watch this vid and check out what you’re in for…

This is an example of what you can achieve with the help of Hi Cartagena. Get in touch with us now to see what we can do for you.

Here’s a few of our most popular Cartagena Bachelor Party ideas:

Luxury & Colonial Houses

Luxury & Colonial Houses in Cartagena

Stay in Style

Finding a place to stay in a new city can be really difficult especially if you don’t know your way around yet. Let Hi Cartagena set you up with the best bachelor party pad in the city. We’re talking pools, hot tubs andon site staff to cook and clean for you. It doesn’t get more comofrotable than this.

Pool Party

Pool Party In Cartagena

A HUGE pool party in a even BIGGER colonial mansion. We’ll pack the place with sexy hotties and our DJ and bar staff will kick the party into overdrive. Let’s go!

At Hi Cartagena we pride ourselves on having the best hosts in the city who truly love their beautiful, historic city and want to share the best of Cartagena with our clients.

Hi Cartagena is the best in Bachelor party solutions. We aim to please even the most distinctive of tastes. Budget is never an issue because they understand the need to have the best Bachelor party sometimes can´t be defined by money. We offer packages to suit any need and will think of everything to keep your focus on what´s important, your Bachelor party.

Yacht Party

Luxury Private Yachts and Boats in Cartagena

An no-holds-barred, knock-your-socks-off crazy blowout with a private DJ, a bartender and a squad of cheerleaders’… Yeah – cheerleaders! – ALL on the deck of a private yacht in the Caribbean. Sure – No problem!!

Private Island Blow Out

Luxury Private Islands in Cartagena

A kick-ass rave weekend for fifty of your closest friends on a private island in the Caribbean. Surrounded by miles of crystal clear, aqua blue ocean. Blasting tunes, hot Colombian babes and lots and lots of alcohol… let’s do it!

Golf Excursion

Golfing in Cartagena

 Why not play a round of golf during your bachelor party? Maybe you’re a seasoned golf pro or just someone looking to have a lazy day, enjoying the weather and shooting the breeze in Cartagena with your friends at the famous Karibana Golf Club.

Personal Chef

Private Chef in Cartagena

Hire your own personal chef who will make sure you and your gang are fully nourished and ready to take on the crazy weekend. Your Bachelor Party and your own chef in the same place.

Eat like a King with Hi Cartagena Bachelor Parties.

Private City Concierge

Private Concierge in Cartagena

Relax and let someone else do the hard work

Do you want enjoy your Bachelor Party? Do you want a VIP reservation at the best club or restaurant in Cartagena for your bachelor party? Or how about a great Tour, a Yacht Party, a Private Chef or DJ? Our City Concierge is waiting for your call to make anything you want possible.


Flyboarding in Cartagena

Ever dreamt about flying through the water like a dolphin or maybe even rising from the water like a superhero? Are you a person who loves feeling adrenalin rushing through your body and trying new experiences and challanges?

Then this might be the perfect new thing for you to try during your stay in Cartagena!

Jet Skiing in Cartagena

What else can we say?  If you haven’t already experienced the incredible thrill of flying atop the waves, what are you waiting for?  If its not your first time.. what are you waiting for?!?

Diving in Cartagena

Fancy a spot of diving during your bachelor party? Well we can set that up too!

Cartagena has one of the best diving sites in the Caribbean, a well-protected coral reef barrier that stretches around the paradise islands of Islas de Rosario and the National Marine Park. You can get there within an hour from the city centre.

Private Massage

Private Massage in Cartagena

Long days and even longer nights out partying can really take their toll. So why not have a private masseuse come to your house and give you a good ol’ rub down. No more hangover, no more knots, no more worries. This is relaxation at it’s best.

Private Transportation

Private Transportation in Cartagena

The last thing you want to worry about when your down in Cartagena with a big group of your best pals is how to move everyone around. So don’t! Let Hi Cartagena sort it out and when you need to move the squad we’ll have a private vehicle and driver ready to take you wherever you want to go.

More Reasons to Have Your Bachelor Party in Cartagena Colombia

The spice of life and most memorable experiences have always been during travel. We take these experiences and memories with us through life like badges of honor, retelling them countless times and reliving them through each and every recounting. These are our war stories of this day and age. The biggest milestones for a man nowadays are losing his viginity his 21st birthday and his Bachelor party! Most will say it´s their wedding day but what we really think about was the Bachelor party. Every man´s Bachelor party is a rite of passage, we all have such great aspirations and a longing to have the most memorable and wild Bachelor party to hold on to through the more serious and responsible part of life. It´s the last hurrah of a bachelor to show his crew that even though he´s getting married, he´s still lad at heart, down for anything and ready to ride or die with his mates. We´ve all heard our fathers or grandfathers talk of the camaraderie they had during war time, unless you´re in a street gang or biker gang this type of camaraderie is lost on our generation but we seek it out and our only equivalence is our party friends. Most of us have our childhood friends and the lucky ones have our university and fraternity gang. We need this camaraderie to keep us in check, sane and most of all young! Movies and urban myths have given us all a benchmark to hit, if your Bachelor party was legendary you´ll always have that to regale and hold on to through the rest of life.

Movies like “The Hangover” and “Very bad things” glamourize the big, luxurious Vegas style Bachelor parties but the price and consequences of “out of control” behaviour are exorbitant. Everyone loves status and prestige that comes with a Vegas Bachelor party but not all of us are ready to invest that kind of capital right before a wedding and the stress and worry of consequences Vegas offers are serious. The next best thing… Travel. Colombia offers everything and more than you expect. Cartagena is an unspoiled gem that has offered refuge  to all those who need it, from the Spanish Conquistadors, Caribbean pirates to expats wanting to get away from the judging eyes of society. There´s a good reason people keep coming here to let go and enjoy life, anything goes. And if you´ve gone too far…not to worry, it´s easy to solve and get out of any problem you may get into. If it´s your Bachelor party, your last hurrah as a single man, you don´t want to hold back. It’s your right as a man to push the limits, break rules, get as nuts as you need to before tying yourself to the one woman it takes to tame you. Without the war stories of our grandfathers, this is our legacy to greatness that we´ll talk about until we´re too old to remember. But no one wants to go to jail or break the bank doing it. Cartagena is a city, haven, really a magical destination to experience. Safe, luxurious, modern and best of all inexpensive. The COP peso has been at an all-time low for the past few years, great for all travellers and investors. Choosing Cartagena as your Bachelor party destination is a guarantee for a legendary celebration for any budget. Luxurious opulence to affordable functionality, there´s everything you can ask for in Cartagena.

Cartagena is nestled on Colombia’s northern coast and facing the Caribbean Sea. Hot and humid but a perfect atmosphere with cool winds off the surrounding ocean. The walled colonial city, which is truly amazing and has tons of stylish romantic restaurants, clubs and hotels. The cobbled streets, dashes of color, and fancy restaurants of Colombia’s most iconic Caribbean city have long drawn couples and adventurers from around the world to wander the streets by day, enjoying the architecture and museums, setting the stage for an unforgettable night. Minutes away by taxi is Bocagrande, a long strip of modern hotel towers, condos and stores fronting onto the beach with all the comforts and decadence to be expected.

Cartagena has every type of accommodation to offer for any budget. From rock star opulence to frugal functionality Cartagena has no shortage of options to fit your needs. If you´re looking for the modern comfort you´re accustomed to, Bocagrande has it all, Hotel Regatta, Hotel Hampton and Hotel plaza Bocagrande are a few of most stylish upscale hotels closest to tons of tons of nightlife action. Boutique hotels are a more low key option. Just as stylish, it’s a less expensive option with the same attention to detail, lavish and hedonistic pleasures the big hotels offer. San Pedro hotel spa, Casa Elia and Ananda Hotel Boutique are all in the heart of Cartagena´s old city offering clubs, sightseeing and a wide variety restaurants all within walking distance. Thinking about a more secluded personal tropical hotel, as close as 40 minutes by boat are pristine incredible islands with hotels for all budgets. Live out your dream of awaking on a beach, free of crowds to spend your day tanning, swimming and indulging your every whim. Drinking coco locos, soaking up everything nature has to offer, enticing waters to explore and massages to work out the kinks. Casa Melisa is literally on the water, the deck boasts a view of both sunrise and sunset and has an amazing infinity hot tub. You can expect everything you would from a first class hotel here in Cartagena.

One of draw backs of parting hard is getting everyone fed to keep everyone on point. But it can be hard to rein everyone in and make decisions like where to go or what will make everyone happy. Nothing kills a party like stopping everything to discuss what to eat. Why not hire a private chef to take care of everything. Make your Bachelor party that much easier and memorable with an in-house personal chef to give you a unique dining experience. The chef will cater to your every need whether be dietary or aesthetic, a person chef is a classy choice to create the bachelor party you deserve. If that´s too indulgent for you budget, Cartagena has every type of restaurant you could ask for. Inside the old city boasts 5 star dining to street meat. If you´re looking for your well known restaurant chains, Bocagrande is the place go. There´s no lack of choice in Cartagena, the people here love to eat and talk all about it.

To rent a yacht is a status and level seemingly only for the richest elite. Here in Cartagena it´s well within reach. Imagine the stories you can tell your mates back home after you´ve experienced your own yacht party. Cruising between the Rosario islands, snorkeling or diving, eating on a pristine beach and having everyone stare and long to be on that yacht at your party; Legendary! By day you can head out and deep sea fish or keep it closer to shore and spear fish and lobster hunt. Late afternoon motor back to a private island to cook and feast upon the bounty of the sea you conquered. You can´t get on a yacht with only a gang of men to party, a troop of bikini clad women is a must and Cartagena has no lack of beautiful cheerleader looking ladies dying to get on board. Every party needs music to get those ladies moving so a private DJ and bartender is a must on the high seas. Nothing says class like a yacht party and every man about to settle down take the plunge deserves to go out in style. No one will believe you until you pull out the photos to prove it.

Cartagena is a party. Nearly all the hotels have pools and obviously bars. Day drinking by the pool with scantily clad beautiful people can really rev up a party. It´s easy to find lovely ladies to join the festivities. You always need company and someone to rub on the sun block. Colombia is famous for its sultry sexy Latin women and they need no excuse to show off bodies. Organizing a pool party during your Bachelor party is a recipe for crazy fun memories. It´s simply one of life´s greatest pleasures to be with friends by the pool. Summer is the time to shed our clothes and inhibitions and in Cartagena it´s summer 12 months a year. Getting oiled up and hot only to cool down in the water is what every Bachelor party needs. To invite a gang of ladies to the pool party not only lets you see the goods before you buy, but  have fun and get comfortable before you go out to the club. Colombians are always looking for any excuse to touch each other, it´s part of their culture hug you and touch your arm while chatting. The next level is at the clubs. Dancing is huge and the different styles they dance really show where they are from. Salsa is king in Cali, Colombia but it is danced everywhere in Latin America. In Cartagena Champeta is the local style. Derived from African roots, it’s a highly sexual bumping and grinding style of dance. It’s not uncommon to see young children 8 or 9 years old dancing like their parents in plazas or parks. Teens push limits of public decency but adults can be seen dancing the same style of Champeta very romantically. In the clubs of Cartagena dancing Champeta is how they break the ice with girls and get up close and personal holding and guiding the ladies in a very unique dance. Trading dance partners is very common and always respectful. The parties often go into the wee hours of the night and walking around the old city or Bocagrande at 4 or 5am is safe, there are always police present. Foreigners getting out of control is pretty common and the police are there to protect but often are looking for handouts or bribes if things have been damaged or someone hurt. They see foreigners as rich but it doesn´t take much to solve any problem. If you struck out at the bar looking for ladies, Working girls are very common and really easy to find. They always aim to please whether they speak English or not, it’s easy to find that common language.

The wild heavy party scene can go well into the morning, a great way to nurse the good times is to take it out onto the links. Cartagena has an entertaining and challenging golf course. It´s a short trip to the course and well worth the effort to prolong the good times with your gang. It´s not unheard of to pound back beers on the green, in the golf carts or back at the club house.

To get the type of Bachelor party you deserve you need the best Best man. He needs to take care of so many details and really know a city to get the most out of it. When you travel that makes things a lot more complicated. Your best option is to hire a concierge. Cartagena is a gem of a city with so much to offer, why not take advantage and have someone who knows the city best help with all the details. The concierge will be there for your every desire. He can find everything your party needs from the right kind of club, party favours, and female accompaniment to all hour gentlemen clubs. Don´t be shy to ask for heart’s desire, in Cartagena they’ve seen and done it all. Let the concierge do hard work while your Bachelor party focuses on what´s important, the party!

From accommodations to transport, clubs to ladies, we’ve got you covered. They will take care of everything you desire. Book the bachelor party you deserve and let Hi Cartagena take care of the rest.

From the moment you arrive to the airport you will receive our city concierge service 24/7 meaning our host will be available to run all your errands, act as a guide and translator for you and your group while out and about and give you the very best recommendations to have the most bomb time in Cartagena.

We will make sure to take you to all the best restaurants and hottest clubs and make sure you don’t miss the hottest parties including festivals, concerts and various events going on it the city during your stay. Want a beach party? A rooftop dance party? A swanky soirée? Whatever you are looking for, we will make sure you and your friends get the experience you deserve.

We also know where to meet to coolest people and will make sure you and your gang can expand the possy with new, fun friends to join the party. Hey, you might even run into Sofia Vergara or Shakira, while hitting up the most exclusive, VIP parties with us.

Check out our Facebook page to see how satisfied our previous clients were with our service. We guarantee to match this level of service with all our clients.

Whatever your wish, whatever your budget, we’ve got a solution for you. Send an email to with your phone number and we’ll call you back.

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