Top Best Tourism Services

Would you like to explore the beautiful nature of Cartagena? Make the most of your vacation with our most popular tourist services in Cartagena. Here in Cartagena we are equipped with everything you need: Beach tours, island tours, dance tours, food tours, volcano tours are just some of the services we offer. Cartagena tour stuffs are trained and professional. With Cartagena tourist services, not only does every penny counts but quality services is a guarantee. Below is a list of most popular tourist services in Cartagena;

Cartagena Tours

If you are looking for ways to get more of Cartagena; then you are in the right place. They have the best tours, may it be beach tours, bicycle tours, boat tours, city tours, dance tours, food tours, island tours, paragliding tours, volcano tours and walking tours. Our team has trained and certified tour guides, who loves their city knows everything about it.
For the lovers of nature who want to walk and see what is going on in Cartagena, then the walking tour is for you. Enjoy riding a bike at the narrow stunning streets of Cartage. Boost your healthy in the smartest way and get to know the beauty of this historical old town.

Accommodation services

With so much activities to do in this wonderful city, you need a place to stay and relax. Fortunately Hi Cartagena is here to make it happen. Get accommodation services from the finest hostels, hotels, luxury colonial mansions and Private Island.
Let Cartagena be your world class accommodation place. Discover the choice of your lodge in the city with Hi Cartagena.

Private Transportation services

If you need door to door, airport to hotel, and also touring transportation services while in Cartagena. Look no more, Hi-Cartagena is the place to hire such services. Hi-Cartagena has all the modern vehicles you need ranging from Sedans to Luxury Minivans. Our drivers are well trained, professional and certified. They know each corner of the city.


Is it your birthday? Is it your graduation? Have a memorable party at Cartagena. Enjoy it the way you like with your friends and families and spice it with Cartagena cocktail. During the day relax on island, have precious massage as you get served drinks and other services by island girls/boys. They will make you feel at home with their caring altitude. Dance, party and sing like a Columbia by hiring a private DJ. Enjoy pool, yacht, BBQ, cholon and private island parties with amazing girls and attractive young me around.

Boat and Yacht rentals

From fantastic boats to head turning yacht, here at Cartagena we have gat all the ingredients you need to spice up your visit. Rent your ideal boat or yacht at an affordable price.

Bachelor/Bachelorette party

Tap the joys of single life with just one day of bachelor or bachelorette party. Cartagena is the most popular world class bachelor party destination. All bachelor parties are of various taste and budget, it is your choice to decide. Your ultimate bachelor party begins at Cartagena. They help you make the most of your last day as a single man/woman.
Hi-Cartagena takes pride in making your last bachelor wish fulfilled. We organized the best party for you and your friends. We organize perfect bachelor parties full of professional chefs and the best DJ in the town.

VIP services

Enjoy life by treating yourself as you wish. Let Cartagena handle all your worries and take care of you. At Hi-Cartagena we take care of everything and provide you with all the quality services you need. The VIP services include personal chef, wedding planning, personal protection, Golfing @ Karibana and private aircraft. Enjoy every minute of your life at Cartagena.

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