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Surf Palomino

Surfing is one of those things you always wanted to try but were never really sure how… now’s the time to start – and experience the rush of catching that wave with your name on it. 

Cartagena is not the greatest place to surf but just north of Cartagena, you can find some of the best surf in the country. Palomino is a small surf town located in La Guajira, about 7 hours north of Cartagena,  offering beautiful beaches that are not packed with tourists or vendors. A true hidden gem, Palomino is slowly starting to become popular amongst the backpacker crowd and there are many budget accommodations and hostels available in the area. Some are right on the beach, while others are just a short walk away from the playa.

The waves are known to get pretty large making it a popular spot for experienced surfers and depending on the time of day/year it can also be a great spot for beginners to learn and practice. Hi Cartagena has some great hook-ups in the area and we are here to book everything from your accommodations to board rentals and classes. Whether you want to work with a private teacher or enroll in a surf school we will sort everything out for you and all you will need to do is show up with a positive attitude ready to tackle the next set of waves.

Palomino is definitely a surfers paradise but is also a great destination for all beach lovers looking to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. It is quite a unique spot as the sea meets the river and provides a very special landscape and environment. The beach is covered with palm trees, fresh coconuts, and has a few different restaurants and bars as well as hostels facing the beach.

Call our city concierge and let us know what kind of surf trip so are looking for so we can get the show on the road and you and your friends can be surfing the Colombian Caribbean Coast in no time. Just click the Book Now button below to start your arrangements today.

What we can provide:

  • BBQ on Beach
  • Lunches with a chef
  • Birthdays
  • DJs


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Our city concierge is waiting for your call to help you plan your dream vacation! 

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