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2 -2.5 hours




From: $50

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We hope you’re hungry, because boy, are you in for a treat! Introducing the street food tour with Hi Cartagena. One thing that all Cartageneros have in common is their love of street food; golden, fried parcels of maize or yucca oozing with cheese or stuffed with meat, fresh, exotic juices, candy made with freshly grated coconut…now we got your attention? Join us for 2-2.5 hours for a gastronomic adventure on the streets of Cartagena, trying typical snacks and bites that are famous in the region amongst locals and tourists alike. A lot of the foods you will try can’t be found in other regions of Colombia, such as the deliciously crispy arepa de huevo – a maize patty filled with egg and mincemeat. Slather it in suero picante (spicy sour cream) and you will have fallen under the spell of Cartagena’s fried food obsession. This is the perfect tour for foodies, families, and friends, but also for the history buffs, who will be interested to hear the tidbits of history and culture shared along the way by our bilingual guide. See all the inventive and delicious ways that basic ingredients like maize and plantain can be cooked to be transformed into truly delightful nosh. One of our favorite things about street food is how fast and fresh it is – watch it be made, grilled, fried, or blended right in front of your very eyes. And of course, this tour has a happy (and very sweet) ending: you will be taken to the famous Portal de los Dulces, where you can try typical candies made from exotic fruits like tamarind, papaya, and coconut. Bring some extra cash so you can bring some souvenirs home and keep the tropical vibes going way after your vacation ends!  

What's Included

  • Local tour guide
  • 6-8 different samples
  • Drinks

Meeting Point

Meeting Point

Torre del Reloj ( Clock Tower) in front of the statue. Meet time can be from 9am – 5pm.

We’ll have yummy street food while we walk, that changes with the season. You can try different things like fruits, shrimp, cornmeal cakes, pastries, fried foods, coffee, coconut water, and sweets. About 6-8 samples, 2 hours of fun.



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