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Skydive Cartagena

Enjoy the feeling of jumping out of a airplane over the Caribbean coast!
Jump for the first time with full security with our experts and modern equipment, fall free and then parachute gliding over the Caribbean ocean!Skydive Cartagena

A tandem jump from a airplane on the altitude of 11.000 ft is something that will make you feel alive! You’re securely attached to your instructor who takes care of everything and then jump together and fall for 45 seconds in a velocity of 250 km/h! Once the parachute has opened a 7 minutes relaxed and calm flight will be waiting you. You can pay full attention and enjoying the breathtaking experience as it tickles your senses. Skydiving Cartagena In addition, you will have the wonderful feeling of freedom and control when you are hanging in the parachute, maybe you’ll get the change to steer it yourself for a bit and finally you’ll land on the ground.

Everybody wants to skydive someday, why not make that day today, or at least this weekend? Earn the right to say “I did it” and call to schedule your jump today. Learn to cartagena skydive with the travel experts advisors!


 7 hours


  295 USD per adult

What's Included

Transport to/from the experience*
Personal Driver
Certified Skydiving Instructor
Photos & Video of experience

*transport is included when accommodation is within central part of Cartagena, ask us!


Identification (ID Card or Passport)
Max weight: 120 kg per person
If you weight is more than 90 kg there is a fee of 2 USD per kilo until 120 kg
No jump under influence of drogs or aclohol
No accessories during the jump (large, long or round earrings, chains, watch, bracelets, rings, cell phones, cameras)

We Recommend

If any special health condition, you should consult with your treating doctor and show the respective certificate to perform the activity and under this
prescription, the jump is completely under your responsibility
Shoes with laces
Bring comfortable cloths (t-shirt U- or V-neck)

We offer our parachuting services with a high level of professionalism, security and attention, and we hope you enjoy and have one of the best experiences in your life. But there are certain situations that we are not responsible of. Just like when scuba diving you’ll have to agree to the risk before being able to do the activity.

The activity can be cancelled and rescheduled because of:

Lack of fuel for aircraft at the airport
Air restriction, by presidency and / or military operations
Technical failures of the plane
Tandem pilot gets sick
Restriction in permits and authorizations of the Civil Aeronautics
Restrictions of the Airport
Problems of public order
Restrictions of the Navy
Votings or elections in Colombia
Climate: rain, clouds (visibility), strong winds, approaching storms

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