Romantic Sunset Sailing


Have you ever dreamed of sailing into the sunset with your love by your side? Gazing at a sky glowing five different shades of orange, pink and blue… Yes, we know it sounds like a cheesy early-2000s “happily ever after” romantic comedy. But the truth is that everyone loves the sunset and the whole experience when they finally see it. We at Hi Cartagena will simple make your dreams come true with our Hi Cartagena Romantic Sunset Sailing.


With Hi Cartagena Romantic Sunset Sailing in Colombia’s most romantic city, we can help to tailor the perfect plan. Whether your goal is to charm your new beau or reignite the spark with the love of your life, Cartagena’s bay is the perfect backdrop to your love story.

Many people who come to visit the pearl of the Caribbean rarely leave the walled city. Which is understandable as the UNESCO-protected cobbled streets possess a certain charm that make it unlike many other places in the world. However, the super-modern high rise buildings of Bocagrande, Laguito and Castillogrande are also great places to stay, and makes a gorgeous skyline from afar and representing the “modern Cartagena” with their Miami-esque style. The juxtaposition of the old and the new is what makes our Cartagena so special and without a doubt the best place to admire it is from a catamaran next to someone important with a glass of champagne in your hands. Still not convinced to do the Hi Cartagena Romantic Sunset Sailing?


We took out two lucky couples for a romantic tour on one of our best and shiniest boats. We loved seeing their reaction to the sheer beauty of the night. Everything fell into place – the drinks were perfectly cold, the breeze just enough to whip away the humidity of the day, the sun put on a show worthy of an Oscar, and the couples ended the night more in love with each other than ever. They say you should try everything at least once – well, Hi Cartagena Romantic Sunset Sailing is something we’d try again without a shadow of a doubt. Welcome to paradise!

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