Red Knife 1

Red Knife

The Allure Chocolate Hotel has proven they know a little more than just chocolate with the addition of Red Knife Steakhouse. This fine dining spot serves up some of the most expensive and high quality cuts of beef grilled to perfection as well as an array of fresh seafood. Red Knife could not be part of the Allure Chocolate Hotel without some irresistible, decadent chocolate deserts which you must try.

Located in the up and coming neighbourhood of Getsemani, Red Knife is joining a few other fine dining restaurants that are starting to make Getsemani popular on the food map. Located practically next to the Convention Center, this is the perfect place to host your next business luncheon or dinner meeting when in Cartagena for business. You will be sure to close the deal with a delicious steak meal accompanied by the perfect wine and a tempting chocolate dessert at Red Knife.

Executive chef, Dario Herrera has paid his dues in learning how to treat the finest cuts of beef while working and studying cuisine in both Argentina and Brazil. After many years of working under some of the best chefs who certainly know their beef, Herrera has now taken the initiative to create his very own menu and put his heart and soul into building Red Knife to offer an exceptional dinning experience to his carnivore clients.

An evening wining and dining in Red Knife’s posh local is well worth the dent you will be putting in your wallet. Colombia is a country which loves its meat, and Red Knife has mastered the techniques of preparing the highest quality cuts available.

Location: Allure Chocolate Hotel, Calle Arsenal 8b-108, Getsemani, Cartagena

Hours: Monday to Sunday 12:00pm-10:30pm


Reserve by phone at + 57 314 594-8838