Colonial Houses

So much of Cartagena’s unique charm lies in its colorful colonial architecture complete with high-vaulted ceilings, wood detailing and balconies overflowing with vibrant flowers. Add a modern touch to these perfectly preserved buildings, and you’ve got the ideal luxury vacation rental.

These gorgeous colonial homes are sure to impress anyone looking to immerse themselves in the more glamorous side of all things Cartagena. They’re also perfect for big groups and families! Since we maintain close relationships with the owners of all the remarkable vacation home rentals in Cartagena, we’ll have no problem providing the best deal for your specific group size, price range, and personal preferences.

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This cute and colourful B&B is located in the heart of Cartagena’s Old Town, just 2 minutes from the beach. The hotel features four colourful rooms decorated with pop-art Warhol inspired paintings giving the space a super trendy and chilled out vibe.

From $1,400.00 per night

Casa Bella, located in a historic and impressive Spanish colonial residence, combines luxury, elegance and exclusivity with over 200 years of history. Cartagena Vacation Rentals

From $1,850.00 per night

From $480.00 per night

This spacious and vibrant colonial dwelling has everything you need to relax and breath in the Caribbean air. With upscale furniture and a luxurious pool, you will love the way you look in this house.

From $2,000.00 per night

Redesigned by Gloria de Zea, the director of Bogota’s Museum of Modern Art, Casa Botero is a one of the finest available luxury colonial properties in Colombia.

From $4,500.00 per night

The colonial mansion is the ideal place to wind up after a day out in the islands or to have private parties. Charming house offers spacious, warm and well decorated rooms, equipped with quality bedding, flat screen TV with satellite , WiFi, a / c and security boxes.

Casa Caribe is a very sexy little house in the happening hood of Getsemani, just outside of the walled city.  Featured in Wallpaper magazine, this place is absolutely stunning.

From $1,500.00 per night

Located just minutes walking distance from the famous Plaza San Domingo, this luxurious colonial house is quintessentially Caribbean. You will feel like the Spanish merchants that used to wine and dine during the old days of Cartagena.

From $2,150.00 per night

Casa Carolina, the beautiful 17th century colonial home has been restored in a magnificent way that incorporates both the original design features with fresh and modern elements

From $3,000.00 per night

Centrally located just a few steps from the Historic and Touristic places of interest, plus close proximity to popular businesses and shopping.

From $2,700.00 per night

Casa Celine, the house is on Curato Street just behind the Santa Clara bar, which is a highlight of the hotel, as the location is extremely good, a block away from bars and restaurants.

From $2,450.00 per night

Casa Chanel preserves its original language; its architecture and décor reflect the magical and historical essence of the old city.

From $3,800.00 per night