The Most Qualified Security Experts in Colombia At Your Disposal. Private protection services in Cartagena, your private bodyguard. In addition to armored vehicles, Hi Cartagena also offers professional security services to distinguished clientele throughout the world. Hi Cartagena contracts some of the world’s best experts to keep you and your staff safe, we are here to respond in a dangerous situation and prevent it to happen. While you manage your business or vacation we take care of all the security for your peace of mind.
* 24 hours armed protection
* Highly trained ex military team
* Over 50 years of combined experience in armed protection
* Armored Car
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The Most Qualified Security Experts in Colombia At Your Disposal.

This intense course is designed to provide the experienced executive protection professional with advanced skills and know how to understand risk, threats and vulnerabilities related to both the Principal directly, but also to events and fixed locations where the Principal may visit. Graduates of this course will know how to conduct a comprehensive Threat, Risk, Vulnerability assessment and know how to thereafter define and pre- pare an Operational File including findings of the TRVA, SOP’s for both routine and emergency and contingency planning. This is a pass or fail course and grading begins at 08:00 on day
 1.Course Topics Include:
Threat, Risk, Vulnerability Assessments, Planning and EP Assignment, Write an Operational File, Event and Facility Security, The Managerial Advance, Protective Intelligence, Intro to SD, Transitioning from Routine to Emergency, Contingency Planning, Best Practices. Private security in Cartagena, personal bodyguard. Private protection services. VIP Bodyguard Services.

170USD/Day. Got any questions?
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