El Portal De Los Dulces

El Portal de los Dulces..Known as Plaza del Juez or Plaza de la Yerba, the triangular plaza just behind Puerta del Reloj was once used as a market for enslaved people and is the most central plaza in the city.The place is called El Portal de los Dulces because centuries ago there were hagglers selling all kinds of pastas and sweet pastries. Strolling under the portal is a really nice experience. The aromas of all kinds of pastries and foods fill the air. They offer fruit, caramel, coconut, chocolate, almond, guava … and other exotic delicacies absolutely unknown.

Now entitled Plaza de Los Coches, it is lined with old balconied houses with colonial arches at ground level. The arcaded walkway, known as El Portal de los Dulces, is full of confectionery stands selling local sweets.  For $2-3 you can take a box of artisan made dulces or sweets/candy that make a great gift for family and friends back home.

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