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Have you heard of Popeye? No, not the spinach-eating cartoon character, but one of Medellin´s most dangerous and sought-after criminals; the right-hand man of Colombia´s most dangerous drug baron, Pablo Escobar.

HiMedellin gives you the opportunity to meet Popeye first-hand, and re-live the days of the bloodshed and cruelty of the Narcos in the war-torn days of Colombia in the 1980s. Why go on any old Pablo Escobar tour run by people who have ot their information from books or newspapers when you can be told the real story by Pablo´s main hitman himself?

Jhon Jairo – nicknamed “Popeye” by the Medellin Cartel – spent 23 years in one of Colombia´s biggest maximum-security prisons, and confessed to over 250 murders in his lifetime. He is a man who has, without a doubt, lived a crazy life of crime, disorder, and repent, having been on the run from the police and having formed part of some of the biggest and most controversial conspiracies in Colombia in the 20 th Century.

The boss of the hitmen was put behind bars for terrorism, drug trafficking, conspiracy and murder. Popeye, now living a more tranquil life, is working exclusively with HiMedellin to give our clients the most original and realistic account of the disturbing goings-on in the drug war that took place at the end of last century. This once-in- a-lifetime opportunity to meet an ex-wanted criminal, one of the few who remains alive from his group, who can give you all the inside gossip, is not to be passed upon.

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