Plaza Santo Domingo

One of the most popular squares in the old city, Plaza Santo Domingo is regularly packed with tourists.  Aptly named for the church situated on one of its corners, the plaza has hundreds of tables from the myriad restaurants encircling its perimeter and is a great spot to get a bite to eat.  Most of the restaurants themselves are located in wonderfully constructed buildings and houses with traditional balconies typical of ancient Colonial design.

Central to the plaza, and a primary draw, is the enormously breasted statue of “Gorda” Gertrude by Colombian artist Fernando Botero.  According to the legend, new couples who fondle Gertrude’s breasts will enjoy a long love affair.

Also per local legend, and perhaps due to the square’s use during the Inquisition and a place for executions, the church steeple is rumored to have been jumped upon by the devil himself who apparently tried to shake the tower to the ground.

Whether you’re there for the architecture, the history or the macabre, Plaza Santa Domingo is a must-see.

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