Playa Blanca

Luscious white sand and crystal blue water so clear you can see your toes both await you at Playa Blanca, easily the best public beach in the Cartagena region and possibly even across Colombia. An hour south of the city, on the Barú peninsula, Playa Blanca is somewhat difficult to reach, only accessible by boat or four-wheel drive.

If you don’t have a vehicle, you can catch a boat. Once you’re there however, it’s absolute paradise. Grab an available pagoda (available free if you buy your drinks from the owner) or pitch your umbrella on the sand and snap your fingers for a drink; there are several attentive vendors offering a myriad of delicious cocktails and an assortment of local beers.

If you’re hungry, there are tons of great restaurants catering to the beach crowd typically offering seafood or local Colombia fare.

Sometimes you have to work hard to profit – Playa Blanca is a great example – and well worth the effort.

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