Playa Blanca Day Trip

“Life´s a beach” they say, at least when you go for the Playa Blanca day trip with Hi Cartagena, you get white-sand beach with crystal-clear blue ocean, whiskey on ice and plates piled high with freshly caught fish and coconut rice.

We had the pleasure of taking our new friends this week to Playa Blanca, an exotic slice of paradise just 45 minutes away from the busy city center of Cartagena. We went all-out for this great group of guys and girls to make sure they had a deliciously tropical experience with us.

The guys chilled on private sun-loungers and comfy beds on an exclusive part of this popular beach, sipped freshly prepared cocktails and a variety of liquors on ice, and enjoyed one of the famous sunsets of Baru island, where the warm Caribbean ocean turns a soft pink color and the sky is illuminated with different shades of orange, red and yellow.

Our Playa Blanca tour is one of our most popular tours, which gives you a great opportunity to chill with friends in a beautiful natural setting – without breaking the bank! Every trip is different as we tailor-make our tours to fit our guests’ needs.

Our new friends loved their experience with us here at Hi Cartagena, and they let us take charge of everything to give them as much time as possible to lie back, relax and enjoy Cartagena to the max.