Pirate Ship Tour


2 hours (5 pm – 7 pm)




From: $35

We accept credit / debit card payments in dollars or Colombian pesos.


Yo, ho, yo, ho a pirate’s life for me! If you’ve ever found yourself singing along to this song, wondering what life on the high seas was like for Blackbeard and all his pirate friends, then you’re in the right place. Cartagena has a unique history filled with exciting pirate tales detailing attacks, battles, losses, and triumphs. Now, you can relive it all while sailing aboard a pirate ship! Choose between the two options below to get your adventure started.
For a unique sunset sailing experience, the pirate ship sets sail around 5 p.m. As you sip on your welcome drink, the ship will sail along the horizon, giving perfect views of the more modern neighborhoods of Cartagena: Bocagrande, Castillo Grande, and Laguito.
Before the sun makes its final exit, the ship will position itself in the perfect spot to admire the vibrant and colorful sunset that Cartagena is known for. The ship will then make its way back to the pier while showing off the city’s nighttime landscape. Pirate Ship Tour From 35USD.

Note: passengers can bring their favorite food and drinks for the trip.

What's Included

  • Welcome Drink
  • Open bar of Pirates punch with rum, and Coconut lemonade with rum
  • Pirate customs for people to take pictures (pirate hats, eye patches, coats, swords)
  • Souvenir cups
  • Bathroom aboard



A pirate’s life isn’t easy, so get ready for an early start the morning of your day trip. The Cartagena pirate ship sets sail from the city center at exactly 8 a.m.. While you enjoy your welcome drink, the ship will make its way to the San Fernando Fortification.
That’s where you’ll launch your “attack”! With the impressive fortress as a backdrop, the crew will entertain you with a brief history of pirate attacks in Cartagena before you enter the fortification to learn more. From there, it’s off to the beach for lunch and free time!
The day trip ends here as the pirate ship slowly makes its way back to the city center, allowing you to enjoy the views along the way. From 90USD


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