It's no surprise: we Colombians love to party!

Party like a Colombian! 

Party ! Have the most awesome graduation, birthday or bachelor party. Ever!!!  Think about it! You could take a yacht from the city with all of your friends and spend a weekend alone on your beach with jet skis, snorkelling, everything you ever wanted to do!  And at night, you could host your own private rave with DJs, booze, anything you can imagine and party all night long! What about VIP bottle service ?

Relax! Take a break from the daily grind and relax in the tranquil of an island where our staff pampers and makes sure you don’t have to lift a finger. With drinks and massages that you’d been craving for, it is an ideal getaway for the deserving.

Bond! Get re-acquainted with your family by pretending you’re on the cast of Lost. Spend a weekend exploring the island with your kids, camping and revelling the numerous stars in the dark sky with the blissful calm of the ocean waves.


Our team has been picked to provide you with all the best of things to see and do in and around Cartagena. We know the city like the back of our hands and are here to offer you everything from customized tours and extravagant parties to the best places to eat, sleep and party in Cartagena. Book with us to get discounts on all our special offers, tours and activities. Whatever your dream, whatever your wish just call us and together we’ll make it a reality.

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