Party!  Have the most awesome graduation, birthday  party or bachelor party ever!!!  Think about it!  You could take a yacht from the city with all of your friends and spend a weekend alone on your beach with jetskis, snorkeling, everything you ever wanted to do!  And at night, you could host your own private rave with DJs, tons of hotties, booze, anything you can imagine! You could party away and do whatever you want all night long!

Relax! Take a break from the daily grind and relax in peaceful tranquility while island girls (or guys) bring you drinks and give you massages and cater to your every desire.  Our island staff wil feed and pleasure you and make sure you don’t have to lift a finger.

Bond! Get re-acquainted with your family by pretending you’re on the cast of Lost and spending a weekend exploring the island with your kids, camping and enjoying the stars in the dark sky and the blissful calm of the ocean waves.

Whatever your dream, whatever your wish, we can do it.  Give us a call and we’ll make your fantasy a reality.

Our city concierge is waiting for your call to help you plan your dream vacation, reach us by phone at +57 314 594-8838 or email us at