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Paragliding Cartagena: Experience Cartagena from above!

Paragliding is the latest experience to reach this magical city and it is undoubtedly one of the coolest ways to see it. Forget trying to sneak a peek over the shoulder of the person who nabbed the window seat on the plane through a postage stamp sized window. Paragliding is undeniably the best way to see the city from the air. Glide over the colonial rooftops, cathedral spires, beautiful beaches and sparkling seas that make up this special section of the Colombian coast.

Hi Cartagena will also set you up with transport to pick you up from your accommodation and drop you off back after! Once we get there you’ll be strapped in with your instructor who will use the motorized paraglider to take you up into the air and over the city. To make sure you have an awesome souvenir of this incredible experience you can opt for your instructor to have a GoPro and take some incredible footage and photos of you as you soar over Cartagena!

Paragliding in Cartagena Prices

  • 10 Minutes Paragliding

    Price based on a minimum of 2 people

    $75 USD per person
  • 15 Minutes Paragliding

    Price based on a minimum of 2 people

    $85 USD per person

* All prices are in USD (High Season pricing 10 minutes  85 USD per person, 24 Dec to 8 Jan)

* All prices are in USD (High Season pricing 15 minutes 95USD per person, 24 Dec to 8 Jan)

What's Included

What Can Be Added

  • Transport to and from your accommodation in Cartagena(*Transport is included when accommodation is within central part of Cartagena, ask us if any doubts)
  • Tandem with the instructor
  • Instructor
  • Bilingual guide to help with all translation
  • All safety equipment and gear
  • All fees and fuel

  • GoPro video footage and photos ($20 per person)
  • Personal Photographer with system camera, GoPro & drone  ($100)

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