Located less than an hour outside of Tayrona National Park, Palomino, at least for now, has some of the same great scenery of the National Park without the entrance fee or tourist prices.

To get to Palomino, take the bus heading to Tayrona but don’t get off with most of the other backpackers. Instead, stay on the bus another 40-60 minutes and ask to be dropped off in Palomino. This small, small roadside town has no real stores and only two main roads heading down to the beach which you can get to by mototaxi.

When you arrive at the beach, be ready for the shock of completely empty paradise. There are a few small hostels and hotels along the beach (about 5-10 right now) but they all sit a bit off the beach and are hidden by palm trees. It can create the feeling of being on a deserted island.

The beach is being developed though and the nearly empty hostels are starting to fill up a bit more as backpackers hear about it. Even so, the beach is still mainly visited by long term travelers, camping their way through South America.