November Independence Festival

The oldest and lively festivals in Colombia, which take place on the eve of November the 11th, Cartagena’s independence date, have a new edition to celebrate and exalt the traditions and culture of “La Heroica”. Parades, dance shows, cultural spectacles, “bandos” (neighborhood’s celebrations), as well as the traditional Independence beauty pageant, are part of the agenda of this entertaining week that make the city live a true carnival.

With the culmination of the “Fiestas de la Independencia” and the coronation of the Popular Queen of Cartagena in mid-November, the traditional event that highlights the beauty of the Colombian woman takes place. An event where the most beautiful candidates from the different regions of the country come together to contest the crown that gives them the title of Miss Colombia and gives them the opportunity to represent the nation in one of the Miss Universe events. Do not miss the 67th edition of one of the favorite parties of Cartagena and Colombians in general.


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