Museum of Modern Art

Located in the walled city on Plaza de San Pedro Claver, next to a church of the same name, the Museum of Modern Art is small but hugely significant to local culture. With a focus on broadening regional art appreciation and conservation, the museum has a wide and unique variety of modern paintings and sculptures and is an essential stop for anyone interested in learning about the Caribbean influence on Colombian art.

Established in 1959, the museum is located in two historic, 17th century brownstones, originally constructed to hold the first customs-house for the Port of Cartagena.

The museum regularly hosts exhibitions and showings from local talent across many mediums; these can be found on the second level. The museum’s permanent collection is displayed on the first level and is comprised primarily of a selection of Latin American paintings from the 1950’s. Visitors can appreciate incredible works by talented local artists such as Alejandro Obregon and Enrique Grau.

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