Medical Tourism

Looking for world-class medical care at a fraction of the cost? Join the thousands of tourists that flock to Colombia every year for its medical tourism offerings.
Hi Cartagena has teamed up with Sublime Medical Spa to meet the demands of our clients looking to blend their exciting vacation with the medical procedures they need. The Sublime Medical Spa specializes in a variety of cosmetic procedures such as plastic surgery, botox, permanent hair removal and more.
Led by Dr. Javier Soto and Dr. Juan Carlos Cassis—two highly successful Colombian plastic surgeons, each with more than a decade of experience in their field—they’ve worked with everyone from local celebrities to tourists on vacation. In addition, when receiving treatment with the professionals at Sublime Medical Spa, you’ll be taken care of before, during, and after your procedure with housing facilities dedicated to post-op care, transportation to and from your procedure, 24/7 nursing, meals and relaxing spa treatments.
Here is a summary of the available procedures:





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