Luxury Yacht Rentals in Cartagena

From party islands to secluded oases, the best beaches of Cartagena can only be reached via boat ride to the nearby Rosario Islands. And since a trip to Colombia’s Caribbean coast is incomplete without a visit to these white sand slices of paradise, why not make the experience even more memorable with a private luxury yacht rental?

On the Rosario Islands, you can snorkel, kayak, catch a glimpse of some wildlife or simply soak up the sun, sink your toes in the sand, and enjoy the warm, turquoise water. But these Caribbean gems are all between 45 minutes to an hour away from the city, so getting there and back is half the fun!

With our help, yacht rentals in Cartagena are easy and worth the splurge. Hi Cartagena has connections with the best of the best yacht and boat rentals in the city, but here are a few things to consider as you plan your trip:


Size matters when it comes to renting a yacht in Cartagena, not only for the price, but also for the overall experience. We offer yachts from 40 to 82 ft., with up to four bedrooms and space for 16 passengers. Think about the size of your group and how much lounging space you’d like to have when choosing your yacht, especially if you opt for an overnight sailing.


While cruising around on your yacht, we can make a stop at an island restaurant, where you can enjoy a typical Cartagenero meal (think fried whole fish, coconut rice, plantains and salad). But if you’re ready for a full blown experience in the lap of luxury, consider booking a private chef!


The Caribbean Sea and incredible nature surrounding Cartagena are mesmerizing enough, but feel free to step things up a notch. For past clients, we’ve hired DJs, rented jet skis, hosted midnight barbecues on a private island, and ended the day with fireworks. The sky’s the limit!


We always recommend island hopping to our yacht rental clients. You can make a stop at the party central Cholon Island, make a swim stop in the middle of the sea or stop at one of the more serene private islands. 

These are just a few of the things to consider when booking a luxury yacht rental in Cartagena. But don’t worry too much. Our motto is “We take care of everything,” so once you book with us, we’ll handle all the details to make sure you have exactly the kind of experience you’re looking for. 

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