Las Bovedas

With forty-seven arches and twenty-three domes, Las Bóvedas (The Vaults) is easily one of the most architecturally interesting structures within the old city walls and was in fact, the final structure built.

Contstructed at the turn of the 18th century by the Spanish engineer Antonio de Arevalo, Las Bóvedas was originally intended as a munitions store for the fort and the local garrison. According to local legend, it was also eventually used as a dungeon during the civil war and due to its close proximity to the sea, prisoners would often have water to their knees at high tide. The structure is situated in the San Diego district, along the city wall between Santa Clara and Santa Catalina.

These days, it’s an excellent place to find souvenirs. The area is absolutely buzzing with hawkers selling everything from trinkets to hammocks and paintings.

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