La Presentacion

Casa Museo La Presentacion is a world-class heritage center where patrons can immerse themselves in the local culture, enjoying music, dance, theater and visual arts all under one roof. Opened in February 2013, this former college is now a famous heritage site and a focal point for culture and art in Colombia.

Historically, the site dates back to the Colonial period when it was actually an emporium of aguardiente, the traditional alcoholic beverage of the Caribbean coast. In fact, to this day, the cultural center is located on “Calle del Estanco del Aguardiente” which roughly translates to “the street of aguardiente bars”!

La Presentacion also boasts, among other things, an old well called “La Noria” which is historically significant as it was used to water the city in times of drought, a fabulous boutique hotel (El Claustro), an incredible antique store (El Anticuario) where you can find all kinds of local crafts and antiques, an old theater, a chapel, an internationally acclaimed art gallery and an interactive educational center where you can partake in various themed workshops from singing and dancing to painting and photography.

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