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La Movida

La Movida Cartagenero owner Juan Pablo Borge, has acquired years of experience working in leading bars in Barcelona and has put his experience and knowledge to good use in Cartagena by creating La Movida, located on one of the most emblematic streets of the historic center, Calle Baloco.

La Movida delivers a mixture between European exquisiteness and Caribbean allurement with a retro-vintage style. Although best known as a bar/nightclub for the A-listers of Cartagena, La Movida posses a tapas menu executed by Chef Rodrigo Diaz, of Barranquilla’s best restaurant, El Celler offering Spanish inspired small plates. It’s a good idea to arrive early and secure a worthy table for when the rumba starts to kick off.

At 10 pm they start to dim the lights to make way for the party where you can choose between the lounge with crossover rhythms or hit the patio where the best of electronic music is heard. The “Mousetrap,” that little place between the dance floor and the bathroom has become a more tranquil space, perfect to sit and chat or flirt with the most beautiful, well-dressed locals of Cartagena.

Be aware that the club does have a dress code and is known to turn away party-goers that are not dressed to the nines. Take advantage of this swanky spot and wear your most fashionable outfit to avoid feeling out of place in the sharp-looking elite crowd that frequents La Movida.

Their specialty is gin and tonic and you can sample a unique assortment of the tradition cocktail including Hendrick’s gin, flavored with cucumber and rose petal. Be sure to try the latest bar trend, the tea tonic, a proposal from Tanqueray, which blends gin and tonic with tea. Served in a snifter, the tea leaves blend with the gin to release the essences and aromas it contains. You can choose from Chamomile or Fresh Citrus which intensifies the essences of grapefruit, orange and lime of the gin.

Be prepared to pay hefty prices as La Movida is not cheap, but it’s the price you have to pay to see and be seen in this illustrious VIP hangout. Contact our city concierge if you want to reserve a table or VIP section.
Address: Calle Baloco No. 2-14

Reserve by phone at + 57 314 594-8838