Inquisition Palace Museum

The Palace of the Inquisition is certainly one of the most imposing buildings in the area. With a regal, baroque entrance, one of the largest interior courtyards and several artfully maintained gardens, this site offers an excellent example of period opulence.

In contrast to its spectacular beauty, its history is anything but. Originally established in 1610, the “Holy Office” (Torture/Death division) of the Spanish Church was relocated to this building in the early 1700s where it continued its gruesome activities until independence in 1811.

Sure to satisfy any morbid curiosity, the dungeon on the main floor showcases the site’s disturbing past with several torture devices on display. Head outside to the courtyard patio and you’ll find yourself amongst the ghosts of the millions of innocents who were slaughtered there in the name of religion.

Head up to the second floor for a more wholesome experience. Established here in 1935, the Historical Museum of Cartagena provides a superbly detailed history of the last five centuries of life in Cartagena.

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