Catamaranning with Casa La Fe 1

Catamaranning with Casa La Fe

Hi Cartagena were asked by our good friends at Hotel Casa La Fe to help them organise their staff do. Something a little more exciting than hanging round the office with a few bits of  last years tinsel was required. So we set them up with a magnificent 64ft Catamaran to take a sunset cruise round the bay of Cartagena. A great way to get all the staff together and experience Cartagena in a very different way. Along with the boat we set them up with the captain, a first mate and an oversized bottle of aguardiente. All they had to bring was a bit of food, some beers and their own high spirits. All of which were in plentiful supply.

The 21 strong casa la fe team arrived just before 5 to set off and enjoy the evening floating on the Caribbean waves. As the sun set over the horizon the lights came up and the music came on dancing, drinking and general merriement became the order of the day. Some of the staff took it upon themselves to become the official shot supplier of the evening, so it didn’t take long for a good dose of salsa to break out. Even Jeff, the English owner, showed a few deft swivels of his hips on the Catamarans bow! Much to the delight/amusement of the Colombians on board.

A little later we played  a favourite Colombian pastime known as amigo secreto (secret friend), essentially a September time version of Secret Santa. A bit more clothes, salsa and smiles than surprising Julie in accounts with an embarrassing something though.

Overall a fantastic evening was had by all and we would highly reccomend getting in touch to book a stay at Casa La Fe. We can guarantee that any stay there will involve being taken care of by some very satisfied, lovely and well looked after staff!

If you want to set up your own staff do, birthday party, family gathering or just gather a few people together to get a little tipsy and watch the sunset at sea then don’t hesitate to get in touch! Hi Cartagena can help you arrange it all for a great price and we’ll even throw in a bottle of aguardiente just for fun.

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64ft Catamaran

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