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This week we took a trip through the birth of the coffee, and we found how the best beans are picked.

Coffee tasting, as Yersin, our smoothly professional coffee sommelier explained, is a learned art. It’s about perfecting that palate; recognising the acidity, citric or floral notes in your morning brew, and it’s about practice, practice, practice – until you reach perfection. But put down that super sugary, milky, pumpkin-spiced monstrosity – no, this is about the beauty and simplicity of a tinto, a good old black cuppa.

We were walked through the history of coffee and the importance of this powerful little bean for Colombia’s economy. We also learnt how all the senses are connected and how important your sense of smell is in the sensory experience of coffee drinking. We got our noses deep into some bowls of coffee beans in order to differentiate the different notes of each strain of bean.

Then, our coffee experts ground the beans to make a fragrant, light coffee powder. We could see everyone’s eyes light up at the gorgeous smell that wafted into the air as the coffee powder was made. After another observation session of the texture of the powder, our coffee connoisseurs weighed it in order to ensure that we had the perfect proportions (we told you it was an art!) and then we made magic…we added hot water. The resulting cup is shiny, ever so slightly frothy, bittersweet, and fruity.

We loved seeing the reactions of the other members of the tour as they tried the different beans that we had for them to try, and how their knowledge and expertise grew throughout the session. This is the perfect tour to turn you into a “cupper” – or as others may call it – a coffee expert.

The Best Thing About Hi Cartagena Coffee Tasting

There are many good things to say about this tour but the most noteworthy is that this experience is ideal for all coffee lovers, and even for the ones who are yet to discover their coffee love. It will leave you with a better understanding of why coffee is so special to Colombia and similarly to the millions of people across the globe. You’ll learn the proper way of tasting coffee, the specific slurp you must do to really savour the flavour. To make this special, we bring Hi Cartagena coffee tasting to you at your place!

One just can not leave Colombia without knowing something about coffee.  Furthermore, you can impress your friends with your ability to recognise the subtle characteristics or flaws of your daily cup. What’s included:



We at Hi Cartagena will take care of everything! No detail will be overlooked to ensure that you and your group have a tour to remember.


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Cartagena Coffee Tasting

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