Getsemaní, The Hippest ‘Hood to Hang Around

What’s Hot?
Getsemaní, The Hippest ‘Hood to Hang Around

This week’s “What’s Hot” can be compared to Cartagena’s temperature: hot all year ‘round!

Wander the streets of Getsemaní during the day and take advantage of the good lighting to snap photos of some of the coolest graffiti in the country and you are guaranteed to get a handful of likes on Instagram.

Join the party when you come across a house blaring Colombia’s finest tunes while neighbours gather around out front for a little mid-day block party.

The neighbourhood and communal vibe you feel while walking these streets is what gets the tourists hooked on this once, very dangerous barrio. You can feel the true pride from the locals who have worked so hard to turn their ‘hood around.

As the sun goes down, the streets start to come alive and Getsemaní’s true colours really start to show. Food vendors start to line the popular nightly hangout spot, Plaza de la Trinidad. Here you will find cheap and delicious street food options including pizza, hot dogs, hamburgers, quesadillas arepas, empanadas and pinchos (meat skewers).

Once vendors are all set up, the Plaza starts to fill up with an eclectic mixture of locals and tourists aging from small children engaged in a game of soccer to old men drinking beer and playing chess.

Grab a cerveza from the busy tienda on the corner and take a seat on the church steps to get the best view of all the happenin’ action. You won’t be bored here as you will find an array of entertainment ranging from live music to break-dancers to jugglers to acrobats. It is very likely you will spend hours just sitting around, people watching and taking it all in.

Feeling social? Strike up a convo with a local and practice your Spanish or give them the opportunity to practice their English. They will be thrilled to tell you all about the best city in Colombia and hear all your travel stories including what you love most about their beautiful home town.

After downing a couple cold ones, you will be ready to show off all your moves on the dance floor. Head down the street to popular salsa bar Cafe Havana, located on the corner of Calle Media Luna and Calle de Guerrero. Other popular nightlife spots where you can shake it like Shakira include Bazurto Social Club, Mr. Babilla and La Caponera.

The best way to get to know all the stories behind this super cool neighbourhood, which has been named “Cartagena’s Coolest Neighbourhood” by the New York Times, is to book a private city tour and let us know you wanna get the inside scoop on this hip and cool barrio. Or take it one step further and book yourself into our hippest colonial home, Tres Pasos de Havana, and make this ‘hood your home during your stay in Cartagena.