Romantic Sunset Sailing

Have you ever dreamed of sailing into the sunset with your lover by your side, gazing at a sky glowing five different shades of orange, pink and blue? Yes, we know, it sounds like a cheesy early-2000s rom-com or a Disney-approved “happily ever after” but we at Hi Cartagena can truly make your dreams come true.  


With sunset sailing tours in Colombia’s most romantic city, Cartagena de Indias, we can help to tailor the perfect plan; whether your goal is to charm your new beau or reignite the spark with the love of your life, Cartagena’s bay is the perfect backdrop to your love story.


Many people who come to visit the pearl of the Caribbean rarely leave the walled city – which is understandable, of course, as the UNESCO-protected cobbled streets possess a certain charm that make it unlike many other places in the world. However, the super-modern high rise buildings of Bocagrande, Lagito and Castillogrande are also a great place to stay, and make a gorgeous skyline from afar, representing the “modern Cartagena” with their Miami-esque style. The juxtaposition of the old and the new is what makes our Cartagena so special and without a doubt the best place to admire it is from a catamaran with a glass of champagne in your hand. 


We took out two lucky couples for a romantic tour on one of our best and shiniest boats. We loved seeing their reaction to the sheer beauty of the night. Everything fell into place – the drinks were perfectly cold, the breeze just enough to whip away the humidity of the day, the sun put on a show worthy of an Oscar, and the couples ended the night more in love with each other than ever. They say you should try everything at least once – well, sunset sailing is something we’d try again without a shadow of a doubt. Welcome to paradise!

Fine Dining in Cartagena

Cartagena’s foodie scene is booming. Every day the chefs of this city are opening new restaurants and challenging themselves to create even more innovative dishes than ever before. Just take one glance at Instagram and you’ll see tons of rich, picture perfect food that tastes as good as it looks. 

From the street food to the traditional Colombian restaurants, you’ll find plenty of places to treat your tastebuds. If you’re looking for a more fine dining experience in Cartagena, we’ve got that, too. Allow us to guide you in the right direction….


Cartagena is known as a city filled with magical realism and the atmosphere of Alma reflects exactly that. With a centuries-old aqueduct as its backdrop, guests at Alma can dine in the colonial courtyard filled with palm trees and water fountains or in one of the indoor salons, featuring dim lighting and decor inspired by Colombia’s Caribbean coast. With an elegant atmosphere to welcome its diners, Alma also offers impeccable service and a menu filled with elaborate cocktails and traditional Colombian food made with a gourmet touch. 


“Love is in the details.” That’s the motto at this establishment and they live and dine by it. Combining modern techniques and creative preparations to each dish, Carmen delights its diners with a contemporary cuisine inspired by Colombian flavors. From its intimate setting inside a colonial home to its perfectly prepared fresh ingredients, Carmen offers a top notch experience in fine dining.


The menu at Celele reflects the mixture of cultures—Spanish, Lebanese, African, and Indigenous—that makes Cartagena so unique. While we all love the typical fried fish and coconut rice that is often associated with the cuisine of Colombia’s Caribbean coast, Celele takes traditional dishes to the next level. Add in a stylish and laid back atmosphere, and this restaurant has all the ingredients for a great meal. 

Don Juan

Simple wood detailing, along with white and blue decor give Don Juan the feel of stepping aboard a sophisticated yacht. The nautical vibes set the mood for a meal where the freshness and purity of each ingredient is highlighted. Instead of overly manipulating its dishes, Don Juan chefs focus on bringing out the best natural flavors of everything they serve. The result is a menu filled with local meats and freshly caught seafood, as well as fruits and vegetables native to Colombia. The crown jewel of this fine dining experience is the extensive wine selection.

Mar y Zielo

Mar y Zielo is a newcomer to Cartagena’s foodie scene, but has grabbed the attention of travelers and locals alike since it first opened its doors. This restaurant makes fine dining sophistication seem cool and approachable with an atmosphere that is fun, colorful and accented with creatively mismatched decor. This quirky approach extends to the kitchen where the chefs use modern techniques to whip up Peruvian-inspired dishes using local ingredients. With tons of small bite options, as well as full plate entrees, Mar y Zielo makes it easy to sample your way to a food-lover’s heaven. Be sure to check out the rooftop, too, with its vine-draped entry and up-close views of the cathedral. 

These restaurants are just the start of all the wonderful culinary offerings you can find in Cartagena. Be sure to check out our other guides for family friendly restaurants, romantic dinner spots, and the street food treats you absolutely cannot miss.

If you need help making a reservation at any restaurant in Cartagena, we can help with that! Just click here to get started.