Family Friendly Activities in Cartagena

If you’re travelling to Cartagena with children, we know you want to be able to relax and spend quality time with your loved ones, rather than dealing with the stress of deciding where to go, and worse, how best to get there.

Let us do the hard work for you with these recommendations for family friendly activities, so you can spend a day (or days) having fun with your kids in Cartagena.  The city’s location on the Caribbean means there are a wealth of unforgettable natural experiences to enjoy.  

We can of course help tailor the following experiences (and more) to the time that you have available, or choose our private family tour.  

A day in the Rosario Islands

Almost every family we’ve met wants to go to the beach when they visit Cartagena.  But rather than simply heading to the beaches of Bocagrande, we can take you to the incredible Rosario Islands to enjoy snorkelling or paddleboarding in the crystal clear waters or over the coral reefs among the fish.  It’s one of the best day trips available.  What’s more, we’ll get you there in a luxury speedboat! 

After a morning snorkelling or paddleboarding in the turqoise waters of the Rosarios, you’ll be hungry and we can take you to your choice of place in the Rosario Park or in Baru.  Following a bite to eat and some refreshing juices (or a beer!), relax in the shade on the beach, taking a dip into the warm waters to cool down, before making some sand castles, or getting out for some more snorkelling or paddleboarding.  This is the way Colombians love to spend their family afternoons – by the sea.

The Oceanarium

The beautiful Oceanarium is set on an idyllic island in the Rosario’s Coral Reef National Park.  Here you’ll find dolphins and native aquatic species swimming in clear waters.  Walking on platforms above the water, you’ll see the natural environment for sharks, dolphins and much much more.  

National Aviary of Colombia

Colombia is reknowned for its biodiversity and is home to a huge range of birds.  If you don’t have time to travel the country birdwatching, the aviary brings together nearly 200 species of birds into 3 distinct ecosystems.  It’s a fascinating place, where you can see birds as you would see them in the wild, including pink flamingoes, condors, toucans, eagles and rainbow macaws.  Make sure you don’t miss the show, where the aviary keepers feed the birds and you can get up close and personal to some beautiful species.

Choco Museum

Set by one of the most beautiful squares in Centro Historico, the choco museum is not only delicious, it’s also free!  Follow the journey of how chocolate is made, from the tree to the delicious treats we all know and love. You can also sign up for the hands-on chocolate workshops – perfect for kids and adults alike.  And don’t forget to visit the store at the end, where not only can you buy chocolate treats, you can try plenty of samples before you buy too.

Whatever experience you’re looking for, we can design a day to fit your needs.  With Hi Cartagena, you’ll have a private guide who will take care of everything.  All you need to do is relax and enjoy the ride.

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