Emerald Plaza Jewelry

For over 4000 years emeralds have been amongst the most valuable of all the jewels on earth. So there is no better souvenir to take home from any trip to Cartagena than one of the world’s most beautiful and desired stones. Emeralds are intertwined within Colombia’s long and fascinating history. In fact, according to local folklore, in pre-columbine times the mythical tribal chief of the ancient Musica people would cover himself in gold and emeralds before plunging into Lake Guatavita, near modern-day Bogota, to encourage the blessings of the Gods of good fortune. Invite a little bit of this good fortune upon yourself and let Hi Cartagena and Emerald Supplier find you the perfect souvenir to take home with you from your trip. After all, what better place to buy one of the world’s most sought after stones than the city known as the jewel in the Caribbean Coast?

Colombia is responsible for up to 90% of worldwide emerald production and is universally known as the ideal place to buy stones of the highest quality for the best price. Choosing an emerald and where to buy it however can be tricky. Cartagena is resplendent with shops and stalls all over the green gem with boards and signs outside offering various promotions. It can be quite a daunting and difficult to task to choose a place and know that you are going to get a top quality emerald for your money.

To save you this hassle Hi Cartagena have found one of the most trusted and well renowned emerald retailers in the city, Emerald Plaza. With 2 locations in the Center of Cartagena, 30 years of experience in the emerald sourcing industry and an extensive range of unique jewelries all hand designed by the owner we guarantee you will find what you are looking for. All the staff speak excellent English and will take their time to explain the different methods of judgement required when selecting the perfect stone for you.

All their stones are sourced from an area known as the Colombian Emerald rectangle, a 250 x 50 mile area on the eastern side of the Andes Mountains in the region of Boyacá. Here the mines are extracted from the caves before being bought to designers markets, Emerald Plaza’s owner then hand selects each and every emerald to ensure they are the best in quality. To do this they look for three things; transparency, shine and weight. The staff at Emerald Plaza are immensely well versed on the subjects of emeralds as well as other precious and semi-precious stones, and precious metals.

At emerald plaza jewelry they have a huge selection of emeralds with pieces of jewelry starting as low as $10 USD! On the other end of the spectrum they have a selection of the finest emeralds on the planet set in sterling silver and laced with diamonds. So there really is something for every budget. All of their silver has a hallmark of over 95% purity and their gold is of at least 18 karats. As well as this they have a selection of incredible one of a kind jewelry crafted by their own designer using a mixtures of semi-precious and precious stones, local fabrics and 24 karat gold plating. And if they don’t have that one piece you’ve been dying to find for years then they are more than happy to discuss designing a piece that matches your wishes exactly. Maybe it’s something you’ve seen in a magazine, seen online or even just an idea in your head the designers at Emerald Plaza will work side by side with you to create the piece you’ve always dreamed of. Then, once your piece is complete, it is guaranteed for life. If the stone should ever come loose, fall out or you have any problems with it you can simply return it by post to their store and they will replace the emerald absolutely free of charge. Because their jewelry is of such a high quality however, this is unlikely to be a service you’ll ever need. This excellence was recognized in 2008 when they won the International Quality Crown award in London to commend them for their magnificent standards.

Get in touch with Hi Cartagena and we’ll arrange for you to take trip to one of the shops, including transport form your accommodation, to meet with a member of staff who will gladly discuss your requirements with you. If you have anything special in mind let us know beforehand and we will make sure that they are aware and you meet with the correct staff member. Or if you’d just like to browse and chat about emeralds they are more than happy to indulge you that pleasure as well.

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