El Santismo Restaurant

El Santismo originally opened it’s doors back in 1998 on Calle el Santismo, where it got its name and is still going strong; only now at a different location in San Diego within the walled city. El Santismo has grown incredibly popular amongst locals who love to dine and has made a popular stand amongst tourists visiting this historical city.

The restaurant follows a religious theme which is shown through the decor and design with religious art pieces scattered throughout the restaurant. You will also notice the menu itself follows this religious theme with dishes named after many things taken from the bible. It’s no doubt this place has become popular amongst the religious population found in Cartagena. El Santismo has become home to many celebrating special religious holidays and occasions.

Whether you are religious or not, the food at El Santismo is what keeps guests coming back for more and is suitable for all types of diners, religious or not. The menu heavily focuses on seafood and the Chef likes to use classical french techniques with a dash of Thai flavours and a Caribbean twist, creating very interesting and exotic flavour elements with each and every dish presented on the menu.

The restaurant also offers a great 3-course special which comes with an open bar privilege for 2 hours, which can be ordered at both lunch and dinner. The wine list is quite expansive and servers are incredibly knowledgeable and great at offering pairing recommendations.

Address: San Diego (Centro), Calle del Torno # 39 – 76, Cartagena
Hours: Monday to Sunday 12:00 pm-12:00 am


Reserve by phone at + 57 314 594-8838