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El Bar del Sur

El Bar del Sur, aka The Bar of the South is cool, I mean damn cool and comparable to some of the coolest bars found in big cities all over the world. Everything from the rock n’ roll inspired decor and playlists to their jam-packed, mouthwatering arepas and craft beer selection are oozing with dopeness.

El Bar del Sur knows where its at and offers the best of everything found in South America and is located in the heart of Cartagena’s coolest neighbourhood just steps from the Plaza de la Trinidad.

Mosey on over for lunch and try anything from their South America inspired food menu. We especially recommend their Venezuelan style arepas, different from those you may find on the street as they are grilled and then stuffed with juicy meat and topped with such toppings as cheese and avocado. They may appear small but definitely do the trick of taming your hunger and can be dosed with a hefty amount of sauce to add to their yumminess.

Or opt to swing by later just in time for happy hour and sample one or many of their delicious cocktails and beers, their drink menu is on-point and likes to support local, offering a handful of local craft beers which aren’t easily found around the city.

Be prepared to be in for a big night if you decide to hit up El Bar del Sur as it’s laid back atmosphere makes it easy to keep the rounds coming until you end up closing the bar. Whether you are staying nearby or have to make a bit of a trek, El Bar del Sur is totally worth checking out.


Calle del Carretero #10-27

Reserve by phone at + 57 314 594-8838