Don Juan

Local food celebrity, Chef Juan Felipe Camacho and his equally talented designer wife, Maria have paired up to bring Cartagena the upscale dining experience it deserves to have. Located in the ever so popular Calle del Colegio, Don Juan has played host to Colombia’s dazzling crowd including the country’s president, Juan Manuel Santos who cannot leave Cartagena without a meal at Don Juan’s whenever he’s in town.

Chef Juan has certainly paid his dues in the culinary world, especially when it comes to Basque cuisine by working in three different Michelin Star restaurants with a total of 9 stars combined. Don Juan is his second solo venture in the city and has since opened another top-notch restaurant favourite, Maria, which is named after his beloved wife.

Juan has carefully involved himself in Cartagena’s culinary world, partnering with the best food suppliers and purveyors to guarantee the utmost freshest ingredients and products for his high-rolling guests. Everything from the wine list to the linens and design features prove that there is a strong attention to detail that has been paid throughout the creation of Cartagena’s finest eatery.

The bookshelf walls are lined with a grand selection of high-quality wines and the white and blue theme give the space a unique nautical touch which perfectly matches the seafood packed menu.

Fresh local seafood, meats and unmatched offering of fruits and vegetables from Colombia’s terrain make it easy for Chef Juan to offer simple yet elegant preparations. He doesn’t like to complicate things and prefers to offer dishes where the fresh ingredients are the star of the plate. The menu highlights fish and shellfish straight from the Caribbean sea with an array of salads, roasts, stews and risottos complimenting the menu.

Location: Centro, Calle del Colegio # 34-60 Local 1, Cartagena
Hours: Monday-Saturday: 7:30 pm – 11:00 pm


Reserve by phone at + 57 314 594-8838