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Welcome to Colombia, here at the Caribbean Sea Hi Cartagena can offer you a vacation that you’ll never forget! Cartagena fills us with reasons to smile: the parties, the beaches, the people, the culture and the gastronomy. This is some of the reasons why you should take a few hours and visit our professional dentist. Give us the opportunity to let you return home from the vacation sun tanned and with an even more beautiful smile than before, because everyone leaves Cartagena smiling!
Our dentist is used to take care of tourists that wants to seize the opportunity of doing their dental care in Cartagena while enjoying their vacation. It’s the perfect opportunity, you’ll have more time to spare for your well-being while here, it’s less expansive then back home, it doesn’t take long time and wont effect your vacation.
Our most eligible cosmetic dentistry procedures are Implants, Whitening/Tooth Bleaching, Crowns and Veneers, you can read more about all of them below.
Trust Hi Cartagena and we give you the confidence to smile like never before!


"Ideal for close spaces & gaps, cover stained & washed-out fillings or correct uneven & crooked teeth"
from $ 420
  • Treatment: 5 days
  • From 460$
  • No effect on your vacation
  • Long-lasting Results

Teeth Whitening (Laser)

"Quick results and the most common cosmetic dental procedure"
from $ 300
  • Treatment: 4 days
  • From 300$
  • No effect on your vacation
  • Quick Results


"An artificial tooth root in the most modern form"
from $ 795
  • Treatment: 2 days
  • From 795$
  • No effect on your vacation
  • A new smile


"Improve the strength and appearance of teeth"
from $ 395
  • Treatment: 3 days
  • From 395$
  • No effect on your vacation
  • Amazing Results
Can’t Find The Procedure You’re Looking For? 
What you can see on this page is only a small amount of all the procedure we offer. Hi Cartagena is working with a experienced dentist that can offer you all the dental services there is, just contact us for a free consultation and we give you all the information you’ll need.
Airport Pickup
Hi Cartagena will be waiting for you at the arrivals at Rafael Núñez International Airport and take you to your hotel.
First appointment
Hi Cartagena will also pick you up at the hotel and take you to the clinic for your first appointment.
We Take Care of Everything
For the rest of your stay we take care of everything if you just let us, we have a huge number of tours, activities, restaurants reservations and services for you to choose from. 
dental tourism
dental tourism
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