Ciudad Movil 1

Ciudad Movil

Conveniently hidden in the heart of Getsemani, Ciudad Movil (Mobile City) is an eclectic, vibrant jewel of a space mixing an art gallery, dance studio, restaurant, bar and concert-space all under one roof.  One of the first independent cultural centers in the city, Ciudad Movil was created to promote creativity and instill an appreciation of the arts in local youth – specifically offering opportunities for career growth – it’s truly a magical place.

Right inside the front door you’ll encounter a splash of local talent in the art gallery itself – works are constantly juggled so the space is always alive and changing.  A little further inwards, you’ll find the dance studio where you can really immerse yourself in the heart of Latin culture with regular classes including yoga, zumba and salsa, to name a few.  The space is always in use and open to the public – it’s a creative free-for-all.

Once you’ve built up an appetite, move on outside to the patio where you will find the open-air restaurant/bar, centered in a wonderfully refreshing atmosphere and enjoy tasty, local dishes with an Italian flair.  Don’t forget to try the pizza – its excellent!

Keep in mind this place is always growing and changing, including the menu and restaurant concept, so don’t be surprised if you experience something completely different from what we have described here. It’s always a fun surprise visiting Ciudad Movil and seeing the progress as they grow as a community space.